Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)


Nobility... going once... going twice...

After a survey of the status of Arweth, Count Gareth is in need of leaders, skilled craftsmen, military, merchants, nobility, supplies and money. – As heroes who have either helped him directly or been recommended to him from other nobles, he is offering each of you a noble title and fief corresponding to your willingness to aid the cause of the County of Arweth. Below are a number of fiefs with the corresponding title of Baronet, should you be interested (and able) to provide the start-up capital (favors and coin).

Any fiefs and titles not purchased by our mighty heroes will be offered out to the highest bidder. One fief and title have already been claimed, will you claim the next one?

Any baronet created by Gareth would be required to provide continued training for their people of 4 hours each Sunday and raise troops in the event of armed conflict. Each noble is strongly encouraged to provide additional training to their people, including developing or recruiting trained craftsmen. Any unclaimed (unpurchased) baronies will be offered to the other heroes and nobility who aided him in reclaiming Arweth before extending the offer to outsiders.


Baronet of Fort Integrity – priced to sell at 500 gp, this fort is a steal.
175’ x 150’ wooden palisade fort with four twenty-foot high and square high corner towers and two gatehouses on a 500 acre wooded lot in northern Arweth at a crossroads from Daufforth, Newbridge and Fuiornana. Buildings include a Grand Hall, Temple ready to be rededicated, Stable, Warehouse and Barracks. Central well. The 10’ wall constructed of whole logs from the Dim Forest set into a 10’ high berm surrounded by a 10’ deep and wide ditch filled with wooden spikes for improved protection. A 700’ swath around the fort has already been cleared of trees to provide a clear line of sight. Permanent magical daylight provides a glowing view, even in the midst of the night. The nearby village of Newbridge, a mere three miles away, is clearly visible from the towers of the fort. Great fixer-upper with minor pests.

The primary resource includes lumber from the Dim Forest. Easily has capacity for 300 free people who may be encouraged to resettle at Fort Integrity with an average production of 2 sp per day. With a 30% tax rate, that provides a potential tax income of 18 gp/day with only 5 gp 4 sp per day due to Count Gareth. Due to the fort’s initial condition, no taxes are due for the first six months.

Baronet of Newbridge – priced at 5000 gp or a favor of Count Gareth –* SOLD!!!*
Typical rural community of 600 free people, well stocked and supplied with fields already planted. 640 acre partially wooded parcel located on the road from Hochoch to Fort Integrity irrigated by the Winding Stream. Newbridge is named for the only stone bridge across the Winding Stream, used by wagons to reach the elvish village of Linhir before the war. Good pasture land on the southern portion of the property. Constant magical light provide illumination in every nook and cranny within the village and out to a radius of 60 feet out from the wooden palisade wall that surrounds the community. A mere three miles from Fort Integrity and six from Hochoch by road, travel between communities is relatively easy.
-The primary resource includes lumber from the Dim Forest, with grain fields, vegetable gardens and a healthy herd of sheep. Three craftsmen (carpenter, tailor, baker) and two merchants (outfitter, wool) have remained in town. Since the town is fully supplied and equipped, the lord or lady of this village should be able to start producing right away. Estimated tax base (at 30%) is 39 gp/day with only 11 gp 7 sp per day due to Count Gareth.

-Newbridge boasts an already trained military of 90 archers of the 6th Provincial Archer Company, 80 spearmen of the 14th Provincial Spearmen Company, and has an acolyte (and temple) of Merrika the Oeridian goddess of agriculture. A recently established town council consists of the acolyte of Merrika, corporal commanding the archers, corporal commanding the spearmen, eldest farmer and the mayor/teacher who is also studying wizardry with Count Gareth’s senior advisors, the Mage Rhyzzat. 2 acolytes of Mayaheine from Fort Resolve are resettling in Newbridge. There are six ballistae brought down from Fort Integrity, but none are yet trained to operate it.

Baronet of Daufforth and Fort Honour – a matched set at 20,000 gp or four favors of Count Gareth. Although they are a matched set, he is willing to split the two for 10,000 gp or two favors each.
Wonderfully located at the crossroads from Fort Integrity to Fort Resolve and Hochoch to New Midwood in Geoff, the Fort overlooks Greenrise Ridge, where the historic Battle of Bloody Ridge was fought against the giants. From peak vantage points, one can see Fort Integrity, Fort Resolve, the glow of Newbridge and even Hochoch.

Originally a community of 500 who farmed acres of land surrounding the village, it has swollen to 660 in recent weeks as people sought a place of safety. 1250 acres (if split 625 acres each) of grazing hills with a relatively level valley of fertile grain and vegetable fields, which have already been planted. While the property does not include breeding stock, the pastures east of the village were previously used for horses.

Fort Honour has an established military of 22 archers and 8 spearmen as a garrison.

Daufforth’s current mayor is the acolyte of Merrika the Oeridian goddess of agriculture. There are a few supplies and herds of sheep from the occupation and the fields are planted, but there are plenty of opportunities for craftsmen and merchants to enhance the economic output of the region. Estimated tax base (at 30%) is 39 gp 6 sp per day, of which 11 gp 8 sp 8 cp would be due to the Count per day. Three mills along the stream could be made functional again, if someone knew how to operate and maintain them.

Baronet of Fort Resolve – priced at 5000 gp or a favor of Count Gareth
Set along the road from Fort Honour to Fort Loyalty, this community has focused on the military for a generation. Built on the north edge of the southern bluffs, one can see Fort Honour to the north and Fort Loyalty to the south. The wooden palisade consists of tree trunks set into the earthen ramparts to provide additional shielding from giant attack during the War of Liberation.

At the foot of the fort’s hill is a tiny thorp of a dozen or so buildings group around the road and outside the fort’s gates. Among them are an unnamed (cheap poor quality) tavern, blacksmith shop, mercer, farmer’s market, a temple rededicated to Mayaheine and a single-room chapterhouse claimed by the Shining Beacons, a knightly order. While the master craftsmen were slain or fled, many of their tools and servants remain. With time, the businesses should start producing again. In the meantime, the expected tax base is 21 gp per day from which 6 gp 3 sp is due to the Count per day.

Fort Resolve has a relatively large intact military with 80 spearmen of the 15th Provincial Spearmen Company and 90 archers of the 8th Provincial Archer Company. It is led by the Priest of Mayaheine and has accepted four acolytes-in-training.

Baronet of Fort Loyalty – priced to sell at 500 gp, this building lot is a steal.
806 recently cleared acres with access to some stone building materials. This lot has a wonderful view from the top of the bluff with a view of Fort Resolve to the north and Fort Diligence down the road to the southeast. In addition to grazing land suitable for sheep, the valley below is fertile enough for crops and can be irrigated easily from the Javan River. To encourage construction, no taxes to the Count are due on this property for one full year.

Baronet of Fort Diligence – priced at 5000 gp or a favor of Count Gareth
A wonderful ironwood palisade fort built on a bluff overlooking a set of historical standing stones. The fort comes with approximately 500 acres of grazing in the hills and pastureland in the valley to the north. The site of former Fort Loyalty is visible to the west and nearby village of Garrin’s Field to the north.

With a population of 400 herdsmen and shepherds, the estimated tax base is 24 gp/day of which 7 gp 2 sp is due to Count Gareth each day.

This fort is currently the home of 60 archers of the 7th Provincial Archer Company.

Baronet of Garrin’s Field (aka Grolleck’s Grove) – priced at 5000 gp or a favor of Count Gareth
Originally a village of 400 people before the war, the community has grown to 700. In addition to two significant estates (the former Morrick Mansion and former Eldoran Estate) with excellent vineyards, the community has a Temple of Pholtus ready to be rededicated, stables, two taverns, leather shop, barrelmaker, glassblower, corkmaker and an alemaker. Although short on actual craftsmen, their servants are attempting to learn their trade.

Grapes prosper in the sandy soil along the southern slope of the bluffs, while the lands south are even more productive as pasture than grain or vegetable fields. Once the source of the most famous wines and ales in all Arweth, the processing facilities are still in place. The estimated tax base is 42 gp per day from which 12 gp 6 sp is due to Count Gareth each day.

The three 30’ watchtowers, armory and village hall house the 50 archers from the 9th Provincial Archer Company.

Baronets willing to prove new communities in western Arweth – 1000 gp
Many building lots are available for those willing to establish new communities in western Arweth. Size of the lot depends on the number of people expected to settle within, averaging 1 acre per person. 1 year reprieve on taxes due the Count. See Count Gareth for details.



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