Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Gelwen and Nature's Rage

Priestess Mairi Greenfield of Beory and High Priestess Selisee Goldenflame of Ehlonna have heard that a gnome druid is stirring up animals to “attack the bad people” near the village of Saertrev. They asked Ben and I to gather companions and investigate. We asked Dasut, a monk, and Rhyzzat Pyenmin, a wizard, to join us. We left Gorna on the 10th of Fireseek and headed into Saertrev. After a two-day journey, we arrived. The only interesting thing on the journey was a bullette skeleton not far from Saertrev. The bullette had been eaten after it had died, but we could not tell what had killed it.

We decided to first speak with the local druid, Alz Heimer. He told us he was more of a plant guy than an animal guy, so he would not be much help with the animals. Animals began attacking the villagers and their livestock (on the East Bank) starting a couple months ago. When the animals were questioned, they claimed that a ‘small druid man’ encouraged them to attack and drive away the ‘bad people’ who live here. It was difficult to talk with Alz, as his mind seemed to wander and every so often we had to reintroduce us. He eventually told us that a young ranger (no more than thirty or thirty five) had stopped by several months ago with an unholy artifact, a book in abyssal with Ur Flan symbols. The ranger was secret and creepy, but he had to be a ranger because he wore green and had a cloak and everything. The book had a grey-ish cover, some kind of leathery-stuff with iron clasps and a lock. Alz gave the book to Glit Glimmertongue, a gnome from the Stark Mounds. He is a druid who is good with animals and arcana. He also reads a lot and speaks at least a dozen languages. Glit has a little shack on Hampton’s Ridge, about a day to the east, if we get lost, just ask the fey for directions. He also has a home in Richmound, but is usually at the shack.

While we were in Saertrev, we also spoke to the townsfolk and to Brehyr Holt Woodjoiner. The Brehyr told us the attacks started just a day or two before the Brenin arrived in Hanner. When the Brenin heard of it, he came over, killed some of nature’s creatures and then departed. One or two groups of heroes came through a month ago, but also departed without resolving the matter. He did not have much confidence that we would resolve the matter either, but didn’t quite say so. The Brehyr did mention that Alz had gotten strange several months ago. He is much more absent-minded now that before. The townsfolk reported that a blue skinned exotic “man” was creating lions, bears, rats and other creatures from little bits of fur he kept in his satchel. They did not like these wild animals being loose in the countyside.

We set out the next morning to find Glit. When we got to his cottage, we found many horrible things. We fought a gibbering mouther in the main chamber. We freed a tortured satyr in another room. He pleaded with us to save Iana. We followed the sounds of a female voice to the next room. A fey woman was strapped to a table and pleading with Glit to stop. A gnome druid with a sick look is in the middle of an incantation. A malignant open book from atop the lectern seems to pull at us, but we resist. Dasut attacked Glit, breaking the ritual. Rhyzzat conjured a box around the book, which made us all feel better. Ben started freeing Iana while Glit summoned some skeletons to attack us. We soon dispatched the skeletons, freed Iana and captured Glit. Iana gave us each an acorn as a thank you and merged with one of the roots and disappeared. We cleaned up Glit’s shack as best we could, destroyed the undead heads we found, burned the green slime and then burned the entire shack to get rid of the grave mold. The book continued to try to dominate us, succeeding with Rhyzzat, Ben and I in turn. Ben used Protection from Evil and Good to break the book’s hold on Rhyzzat. And Rhyzzat cleverly conjured shackles to keep Ben and I from taking the book. Finally I decided to wrap the book in my bedroll and drag it behind us on a 50 foot rope. In that manner, we were able to return to Gorna with Glit and the book.

We handed the book and Glit over to Priestess Mairi Greenfield, who took care of the matter.



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