Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Xilvyre and Hammerhold

Coup – Flocktime 617

I spent my birthday quietly with my grandparents in Pelyth’s Cove.

Arglwyth Emyr has a grand plan for a sudden strike to liberate Arweth on the 18th of Flocktime, CY617. In order to be successful, all of the Gran March/Knights of the Watch leadership in Arweth must be captured (or killed) in a single night. Regular and elite forces from Dwyr, Rhwyng yr Coed, Oytwood Elves, Blodyn Cain, Rhad Derwyth, and Daden Bryd will each be taking out a target as well as several parties of heroes.

Mazer, Aurora, Yuldra and I were given the task of keeping Westfold Force Commander Knight Field Marshall Unmovable Colossal Stone Golem Boltar Hammerhold and his forces busy and out of the fight on the night of the coup. Since she has converted to the cult of Lydia, Yuldra refuses to use deception or lies, so we had to work around that restriction. She also insisted on bring her charge, the gnomish teenager Pookie, formerly the teddy bear. I was concerned for Pookie’s safety, but she refused to be parted from Yuldra. After much discussion, we decided that we did not want to harm the Knight Field Marshall or his staff in the hopes that a bloodless coup would make Gran March more likely to accept it and avoid war. Knight Field Marshall Boltar Hammerhold is a dwarven knight of some power and prestige. He has a command staff of 6 arcane casters, 9 priests (St. Cuthbert, Pelor, Allitur, Ehlonna) and about 30 troops stationed within the Knights of the Watch Chapterhouse in Hochoch. We decided that Yuldra Garren would visit the Knight Field Marshall and bring the rest of us along as her companions.

Mazer had a contact with Chieftess Thornshelda of the stone giants. He got two doses of magic mushrooms from her and we also purchased a dose of blue smoke weed. The plant lore my father taught me came in handy, as we gathered some holly and other plants to give the residents of the knight chapter house food poisoning. We arrived in Hochoch a little before the raid and scouted out the chapter house. About 30 to 60 commoners who are ill treated work in the chapter house each day and are taken back to the slums each evening. I then disguised myself and went to the slums the evening of the 17th. I sought out some of the cooks and gave them the mushrooms and plants with instructions that the mushrooms were for the field marshall’s salad and the plants were to be put in everyone’s food at supper the next evening. It did not take much to convince the staff to do this. Yuldra also picked some tropical fruits from Ravonar and brought them along in hopes of intoxicating the field marshall. She also mentioned that she had a potion that she got from the witches on the way to Gorna months ago if we needed it.

Yuldra wrote a letter to the Field Marshall informing him of her upcoming visit and found a messenger to deliver it. We arrived at the Chapter house just before 8. The Field Marshall had put extra guards on the doors and had fed most of his men early so as to have a formal dinner. When we were ushered into the dining room, the field marshall, his lieutenant, a mage and a cleric were sitting at the head table. He did not introduce his companions, so Yuldra did not introduce us either, except for Pookie her charge. The field marshall ungraciously let Pookie eat at the head table with Yuldra, but Aurora and I had to eat alone at a side table. Mazer was introduced as a musician, so he entertained during the meal. Yuldra, Pookie and I only picked at our food, but Aurora ate hers. It was awful, but Hammerhold indicated that it often was out here in the barbaric region. Hammerhold being a dwarf only picked at his mushroom salad and the fruits Yuldra brought. I was surprised that Hammerhold served wine and brandy, but he said that rank had its privileges. It also helped make the food palatable. First the mage and then the cleric had to leave as they were ill. Hammerhold and Aurora did not seem affected by the food. Later we found out that all but 9 of his men were stricken with food poisoning.

Yuldra kept Hammerhold and his lieutenant occupied with storytelling for a couple of hours, but they were ready for us to leave. Pookie asked to go to the kitchens to rest, but managed to throw up on the guard who was watching her. He would not leave her alone however, and just was replaced with a fresh guard. As we were running out of options, I tried singing a song. I did not do as well as Yuldra would like, so she tried to help me. It sounded as if she were bathing a cat or worse. That was too much for the lieutenant and he lost the battle with his intestines and rushed from the room. Hammerhold received word that the peasants were rising up, but Yuldra convinced him that the town guard could handle the problem, as his men were too important to be bothered with such.

We were out of time, so Mazer dropped the blue smoke weed on the floor and I lit it with presidation from a small distance. This affected most of the remaining guards and Yuldra, causing them to be fascinated with unseen things and to be dazed. Hammerhold being a dwarf was not affected. Aurora “helped” to locate the source of the smoke and spread it a little further and Mazer cast an illusion of closed doors on the dining room. At this point the field marshall became suspicious and started talking about magic and arresting us. I went to assist Yuldra and found the potion in her pouch. I did not have time to get Hammerhold to drink it, so I “tripped” and poured it down his throat as he was bellowing orders for our arrest. Suddenly I was the best person ever. I convinced him not to arrest us and asked if we could have some time alone. He took me to his chambers and had the guards leave us. We talked for a while until Governor Neumann summoned him to the castle. All the guards and the quarter master in the castle were slain. Many of the nobles were dead or ill and many of the knights also. Apparently the peasants were inspired by my example and poisoned all the Marchers. Governor Neumann pardoned all involved in the evening’s events and confessed to being possessed by a fey sword. He apologized for his actions as governor and gave Arweth to Gareth ap Padrig. Then he dove head first off the back of the castle to the rocks below. Gareth gave a stirring speech declaring Arweth a free country and demanded that all Gran March forces leave. Hammerhold used sending stones to pass the orders on to the other forts in the County. Then he and his troops headed east across the Realstream.



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