Alandra Morrick (Deceased)

Foreign Secretary

Lady Alandra Morrick is the widow of Lord Arvath Morrick of Grollek’s Grove. She is elegant, ladylike and well spoken. Well traveled, well read and the epitome of a noblewoman. Mother to Lara (widowed on her wedding night) and identical twin sons Eric and Edmund (born in 575).

In Richfest 583, Lady Alandra Morrick’s 18 year old daughter Lady Larissa Morrick married the son of Baron Alistair Beval, Byron Beval. A jealous neighbor, Lord Kryan Eldoran, cursed the reception, leading to the deaths of many of the guests, including the groom and the father of the bride.

Alandra is of average height, but thin enough that she appears to be somewhat smaller than she really is. Light brown hair drops to her shoulders in broad curls and waves to frame her thin face. Her bright green eyes pierce anything she looks at. She now wears traveling clothes made of linen, but all of her clothing is of the highest quality and cut in ways that accentuate her beauty. She was turned to stone by her husband when it became obvious that something was wrong at the wedding reception.

Lady Morrick was pleased to move her family from Gran March territory to serve Gyruff as foreign secretary. This roll suits her well, as she is well versed in politics.

Alandra Morrick (Deceased)

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