Alena Araul

Minister of Health


Known as much for her preparation of breakfast as for sendings. It was suggested that she create a messenger service: PelorEx.



Born Olegg Araul. Olegg, born the nephew of Llwyr (Count) Melwyn Greatarm, was about to be apprenticed as a diplomat, but saw a vision of Pelor when on an extended trip through the mountains. Others said it was sunstroke or mountain sickness, but Olegg knew he had seen an aspect of the god Pelor in his vision. He immediately walked to a monestary of Pelor to join the clergy.

Olegg was confused and suicidal until he was slain at Fhar’anod in the Rushmoors and reincarnated as a woman. Then (s)he rediscovered her faith and became a Radiant Servant of Pelor.

Alena Araul

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