Gwenllian ap Luth the Eglantine LG NPC (Deceased)

Archdruidess of Gyruff


One of nine Archdruids on Oerth and reports to one of the three Great Druids, who report to the one Grand Druid. Sister to Brenin Owen ap Luth and Aunt to Brenin Rhys ap Colwyn. Lived for several years in the Fey Lands until recalled to become Archdruidess in 584.

Gwenllian was being raised for a life as an aristocrat and as a bride to cement an alliance with any number of powers in the Sheldomar Valley. After the death of her elder brother Elidyr, her life altered drastically. Owen was summoned from the Stark Mounds, and she was sent to the Isle of Rhun to study with the druids.

Certainly, some attribute her otherworldly beauty and cryptic manner to the fact that she spent several years in the Fey Lands.

Gwenllian has long reddish-brown hair that reaches beyond her waist, and grey eyes. She is known to keep company with a great bronze dragon.


Gwenllian ap Luth the Eglantine LG NPC (Deceased)

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