Ariel Fireheart

Firey Mystery


It is said that Ariel Fireheart’s anger is sudden and swift as her name. She loves gems, jewels and finer things.



There is much controversy over the woman known as Ariel Fireheart.
There was a Maga Ariel Fireheart of Evocation in the Wizards of Gyruff about 150 years ago, but she has been seen in at least three incarnations since then.

Some have witnessed her firey image as the head of a mace.

Some have witnessed her as a younger woman (late teens), who married the Archer Wizard, Braichdyn Straythorne “String” Oakhelven, who has been nominated as Arglwyth of Ffrwythlon Dol. There is controversy as she was said to have died in the Ravonnar prison at least a year prior.

Still others suggest that the woman Arglwyth Eridan Shadowblade of Dwyr married, who is obviously older (in her late 20’s early 30’s).

There are also rumors that Ariel Fireheart became the unseelie Lady Destruction, who rides with the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

One theory is that they are all or were once the same. There are those who suggest that she lived and died 150 years ago and somehow her spirit was incorporated into a magical mace. Knowing her vanity, the conspiracy theorists suggest that the mace may have transformed it’s wielder(s) into an idealized version of herself (the teen). If she were ever raised from the dead, her body would be the age at the time of death.

Ariel Fireheart

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