Bran ap Aeron (Deceased)

High Chancellor of Gyruff


Bran ap Aeron was an advisor to Ffagan Farshot, but was too old and crippled to stand and fight with his lord. With one eye (right), a near useless left arm and a labored limp (left leg), he can barely walk or ride, much less fight any longer. On the other hand, one would be mistaken to dismiss him as not dangerous, for he’s been seen to fight off two much younger opponents flanking him on the practice grounds. Once he defeated a pretentious youth while blindfolded and wielding nothing but a simple club. Bran was sent by Ffagan at the first sign of trouble with the giants.

Bran is a hard as nails grizzled old veteran who has fought countless skirmishes with giants, orcs and other humanoids of the mountains. He is slow to mirth, but just as slow to anger or despair. He is stable as granite and just as unyielding. He is a valuable ally and a fearsome foe, even without the physical prowess he once held.

Advisor to Ffagan Farshot,
Advisor to Colwyn ap Ffagan. mentor to Rhys ap Colwyn.
Promoted to High Chancellor after Colwyn was dismissed.

Bran ap Aeron (Deceased)

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