Cadofyth Parn LG NPC

Cadofyth of the Army of Liberation


Parn is the Cadofyth (kad-OH-fith, tr. strategist) of the Gyric Army of Liberation. He is of mixed Oeridan, Suel, and Flan heritage. He is of average height and a little on the stocky side. He keeps his brown hair and beard trimmed short and he is commonly in his uniform as an officer of the Army. Parn walks with a slight limp, but is a strong man with impressive stamina.
Parn is a man with the future of his country on his shoulders. He commands the Army of Liberation and is overseeing the Campaign of Liberation. The weight of the responsibility drives him mercilessly. He does not sleep well and he is sharp and brusque with those around him.


Cadofyth Parn LG NPC

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