Caswir Uradawc "the Caustic" LG NPC (Deceased)

High Exchequer (Tax Collector) and Minister of Trade and Industry


Caswir is one of the most successful merchants in all of Gyruff. Owner of the Three Moons Trading Coster, he holds a virtual monopoly on many goods imported into Geoff. His specialty is in ‘uncommon’ commodities such as spices, rare foodstuffs and spirits, alchemical goods, and material components for spells. Caswir was taken on the role of rooted investor, and runs his coster from his office in the Giant’s Hearth or his recently completed manor home on the outskirts of Arweth.

Having traveled throughout the Sheldomar valley building his business, Caswir moved back to his homeland of Gyruff a few years ago, anticipating the need for goods in Hochoch as the war effort increased, and more ‘potential customers’ moved to the burgeoning town. He immediately bought a large building that was used as a smithy during the giant occupation, and turned it into the Giant’s Hearth Inn and Caravansary. The heavy merchant traffic allows him to grow his network (and keep tabs on the competition). The kindly old proprietor, Elis, runs the inn with his family and speaks nothing but kind words about Master Caswir for his generosity. This characterization seems at odds with his cold demeanor and the biting wit that has earned him the epithet ‘Caswir the Caustic’.


Caswir Uradawc "the Caustic" LG NPC (Deceased)

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