Cuthalion Strongbow - LG NPC

First Ward of the Olwythi gan Gyruff


Currently the First Ward of the Olwythi gan Gyruff, Cuthalion was one of the few defenders who survived the assault on Gorna. Nearly always dressed in his distinctive scale-patterned leather armor, the stout half-elf wears his long hair braided and messy, and has the typical demeanor of one who spends most of his life outdoors. Before the invasion he avoided “civilization” as much as possible, preferring the company of nature and living by his own rules.

Cuthalion disdains Gyric politics and prejudices and was one of the few supporters of the capable half-orc Lily Gellsblood during her brief stint as First Ward. In the years following the taking of Geoff, he ardently served as chief scout, and eventually became First Ward of the Rangers, relaying vital information, and leading Olwythi raids against his hated foes. He is now
known to be living in a hidden haven known as Argel ys Aberva in the southern Dim Forest (along with his old adventuring companion Waylan), where he instructs orphans of Gyruff in woodland battle tactics. He has been seen around Hochoch more often of late, now that his friend Darlon Lea is no longer a wanted man.


Cuthalion Strongbow - LG NPC

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