Darlon Lea LG NPC



Darlon Lea has had many roles during his life. He was arglwyth of Ffwythlon Dol, he was First Ward of Olwythi gan Gyruff, and he is now Kánotaurë (tr. war chief) of several wood elven clans in the Dim Forest.

Before the invasion, Darlon was a barrel-chested man who was an easy-going and affable man. The intervening years have been hard on him, and he is much leaner and grimmer. He has short brown hair and brown eyes with a beard that seems to have more gray then what it once did.

Unhappy with the Army of Retribution’s tactic of fortifying southern Arweth and its conflict with the grey elves in the Oytwood, Darlon was rumored to have fed sensitive military information to the grey elves and sponsored saboteurs to destroy the Marcher fortifications. Darlon fled to the Dim Forest, where he remains to this day, moving from village to village. In light of the accusations and Darlon’s apparent flight from justice, he was declared a traitor to Gyruff. In CY 585, after he renounced his claim on Ffwythlon Dol, he was pardoned for his actions by the Brenin. Darlon himself has never confirmed nor denied the truth of the allegations against him.


Darlon Lea LG NPC

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