Dorindel the Hawthorne LG NPC (Deceased)

Watcher of Summer


Dorindel the Hawthorn is a powerful Old Faith Druid of Obad-Hai. At the time of the Giant Invasion in CY 583, he lived in the town of Hocholve in the Dim Forest. When the giants attacked the town, Dorindel open a secret portal in a grove of rare and sacred trees in Hocholve, allowing druids of his order to escort the helpless folk of the town to safety via the magical Ways of the World. Dorindel stayed behind with the brave few defenders and was presumed to have perished defending the town.

For years afterward, Hocholve appeared to be in ruins and infested with Shadows. Dorindel’s power continued to grow and he bested Talvan the Stag’s Horns and ascended to the position of Watcher of Summer.


Dorindel the Hawthorne LG NPC (Deceased)

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