Elisig ap Gell LG NPC

Leader of Clear-Sky Camp


Elisig ap Gell is the reluctactant leader of the council of the Clear-sky camp, a powerful druid, and a conscientious observer of the primitive Flan traditions. Elisig ap Gell is a short, hunchbacked half-orc with a shrewd expression and a commanding voice. His garb is primitive, made up of skins and rough woven wool. His tattooes and the eclectic mix of feathers, beads, bones and herbs that he wears as decoration harken back to an earlier, wilder time of Flan spirtuality. He carries a war-club, carved from an ancient oak destroyed by lightning, and a flint dagger carved before the Suel enetered the Sheldomar Valley. His common is poor but his Flan is rich and musical, and despite his origin he is counted amongst the wisest of the Druids remaining to Geoff. His words are hard but his touch is gentle, and he is equally stern with a wayward student or enraged warrior. His anger is rare, and truly frightening.

Before the war, Elisig was a hermit, wandering the wilds of Geoff. When the Giants came, he fought, living amongst the refugees in the Hornwood. When Hochoch was retaken, he was approached by Hazen Gellsblood to lead the council of Clear-sky camp, a refuge for the half-orcs of Geoff. Eliseg resisted initially, but consented, when the signs from Pelor could no longer be ignored. While he would rather be wandering the wilds alone, in the camp he is a commanding voice, who assures the welfare of the weaker camp members and teaches the traditions of the ancient Flan to a new generation. He is uninterested in the politcal wranglings between the Gran March and the Duke, but unlike many half-orcs, has a real respect for the holy warriors of Heironeous. He is a bitter foe to the Giants, and ever vigilant to the potential worship of the one-eye in the camp.


Elisig ap Gell LG NPC

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