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  • Eryrnyth

    Population: Was 12,000; currently presumed 500 (enslaved). Capital: Gorna 6,500 Ruler: Brenin Rhys ap Colwyn Since Davyth the Glib, the Brenin of Gyruff has also been the llwyr of Erynyth (er-ear-neth, tr. eagle‚Äôs nest). The cantrev stretches from …

  • Angus ap Chattelguard

    Cadofyth Angus ap Chattelguard was chosen as head of the Eryrnyth Bragad because he was bigger and tougher than any three Cymorths under his command. He and his three Braichdyn Barbaraidds (Barbarian Captains) are legendary brutes. Neither smart, nor wise …

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