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Morwenna the Fair speaks.
Gyruff (gear-ruff, tr. geoff) is a large land that is sprawled over hundreds of miles of hills, forests, heath. The wild and rough land fights against a unified country. Gyruff was not easily forged and has not been easy to hold together.

The Flan divide their land into cantrevi (kan-trev-ee, tr. provinces) which were the extent that a single Flan tribe would migrate. Since some tribes were more numerous and more powerful than others, their territory was larger. As the Flan settled, the cantrev became the basis of government in Gyruff and other Flan regions. The cantrevi exist to this day.

As noted in my discussion of the government of Gyruff, cantrevi come in all sizes. The ruler of a larger one is called a llwyr (lweer, tr. count) and the ruler of the smaller cantrev is called a arglwyth (ar-glweth, tr. baron). I have detailed the most important cantrevi below.

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