Druids and Religions

Druid Leadership

  • Gwellian (ap Luth) the Eglantine, Archdruidess Drd-15 (1 of 9 on Oerth, reports to 1 of 3 Great Druids and the one Grand Druid)
  • Rhianeth the Cherryblossom Drd-14, the Watcher of Spring and venerates Ehlonna (Ystrad Cloer)
  • Dorindel the Hawthorne, Drd-14 Watcher of Summer – Druid of Obad-Hai (Dwyr)
  • Ceinlys the Briar Rose, Drd-14 the Watcher of Autumn and venerated Beory the Oerth Mother (Arweth)
  • Maelor the Hoarfrost, Drd-14 the Watcher of Winter and stands for Nerull in his guise as the Winter King from Dwyr
  • The Oracle, Hen Wen, a pig

Keepers of the Stones:

  • Lowen Oakroot – elderly Druid – at Beory’s Teeth, Hochoch – Beory
  • Leah Redoak – Druid at Grollek’s Grove and Morrick Mansion – Garin’s Field Stones – Obad-Hai
  • Valanthe the Appleblossum – Elder Druid of Fruitwood Grove/Merrymeet – Ehlonna
  • Tavan the Stag’s Horns, Drd-14 at Gloaming Glade and venerates Obad-Hai the Shalm (Dwyr)
  • Othrad the Seedmaker – The Sleeper’s Knee – Beory
  • Forrell the Trillium – The Stag’s Crown – Pelor
  • Elanntra the Violetbloom – The Hornwood Stones – Ehlonna
  • Nothra the Frozenlake- The Seven Brothers – Nerull
  • Helena the Hollyberry- The Red Stones – Nerull
  • Hessan the Goldenwheat – Downlands Circle – Pelor

Other Druids

  • Briallen the Heatherdown, Druid-13 of the Old Faith (Beory) advisor to Owen – non-combatant
  • Druisina the Crocusblossum Druid-13 Advisor of the Old Faith to the next Brenin – Ehlonna
  • Elisig ap Gell: legendary wild Half-orc druid of Pelor (among the half-orcs of Clearsky)
  • Gwydion of the Twained Elm (Old Lore Bard)/Druid (of the 5th circle)
  • Llywelyn the Dreeproot – Old Faith Advisor to Watcher Alicia Helenasdotter
  • Raild ap Seathan – Druid of the 7th circle – Darlon Lea
  • Asgall ap Aonghas – Druid of the 5th circle– Darlon Lea
  • Lili merch Aodh – Druid of the 4th circle– Darlon Lea
  • Tamrod ap Bonwyn – Druid of the 4th circle
  • Torcill ap Morwyn – Druid of the 4th circle
  • Cormac ap Bhatair – Druid of the 3rd circle
  • Daidh ap Coinnaich – Druid of the 3rd circle
    (1st level druid is Ovate. Each level thereafter is a circle.)

Local Druids:

  • Arweth: 84 Druids, highest is Drd-14
  • Cymeravon: 16xDrd Max Lvl 6
  • Dwyr: 4xDrd Max Lvl 3
  • Erymyth: 44xDrd Max Lvl 14
  • Ffwythlon Dol 19xDrd Max Lvl 4
  • Gwyrth Bryn: 6xDrd Max Lvl 6
  • Melgorn: 3xDrd Max Lvl 4
  • Rhwng yr Coed: 58xDrd Max Lvl 14,
  • Rhychdir Rhos: 22xDrd Max Lvl 6,
  • Ystrad Cloer: 2xDrd Max Lvl 4
  • Unknown number of other druids in hiding

High Clergy of Organized Religions

  • Pelor Rhodri Morningmist (Clr-15)
  • Ehlonna Cuthalion Cuern
  • Fhlarlanghn
  • Beory Flerd Trantle
  • Obad-Hai Roaky Swerked
  • Heironeous
  • Pholtus
  • Phyton
  • Saint Cuthbert
  • Tritherion

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