Gyruff Leadership

Gyruff Leadership (Grand Duchy of Geoff) 617

  • Vacant, The Brenin – Overall Warlord of the Armies of Gyruff, Llwyr of Eryrnyth
  • Eridan Shadowblade, Regent, Arglwyth of Dwyr
  • Vacant, High Chancellor
  • Vacant, Advisor of the Old Faith to the Brenin
  • Alena Araul, Radiant Servant of Pelor, Religious Advisor to the Brenin and Minister of Health
  • Eridan Shadowblade, Spymaster
  • Vacant, Minister of Public Works
  • Vacant, Minister of Trade and Industry
  • Vacant, Minister of Agriculture
  • Vacant, Foreign Secretary (including Immigration)
  • Harrison Mojo, Master of Coin, Treasurer, Minister of Weights and Measures
  • Vacant, Minister of Cultural Heritage and the Arts
  • Vacant, Minister of Justice
  • Angus ap Chattelguard, Minister of Defense
    *Essvaress the green dragon, the NEW Minister of Education

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Gyruff Leadership

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