Kingdom of Keoland

The King is dead, killed in a duel with the Grand Duke of Geoff (Gyruff), without an heir. In the power vacuum, the noble houses bid for the political power in the Council of Niole Dra, but the Council is still divided.

Several of Keoland’s neighboring nations are/were once vassals and have/had seats on the Council of Niole Dra, but any lost lands lose the ability to vote at the Council. If all the lands of Keoland and her vassals were recovered, there would be 109 voting rods in the Council of Niole Dra.

  • Nobles of Keoland control 35 voting rods.
  • Major organzations in Keoland (Divinity Council, National Academy of Wizardry, Sea Mages and Silent Ones) each have a voting rod (4 total).
  • The County of Ulek has 1.
  • The Duchy of Ulek has 18.
  • The Principality of Ulek would have 12, but 5 were lost to the humanoid hordes of the Pomarj.
  • Gran March/Knights of the Watch control 16 votes.
  • The March of Bissel has 1 vote.
  • The March of Sterich would have 7, but they are overrun by giants.
  • Grand Duchy of Geoff (aka Gyruff, including the 3 from the Downlands) would have 13, if they rejoin the Kingdom as a vassal and their lands were liberated.
  • The Gnomes of the Stark Mounds would have 1, if they rejoin the Kingdom as a vassal.
  • The Yeomanry would have 1 vote, if they rejoin the Kingdom as a vassal.
    Without the lost lands and those countries who have not yet rejoined the Kingdom, there are only 82 of the official 109 voting rods still valid. A clear majority is required to elect the new king. The Grand Duchy of Geoff (Gyruff) has potential leverage with their 13 (theoretical) votes, if they swore fealty to the Kingdom of Keoland.

There are four political parties at work:
a) House Rhola (Human Sueloise) – a “hawk” party based on trade who wants to recover lost lands and possibly expand beyond. They now have about 16 votes with another 14 in lost lands, so they are attempting to argue that the lost lands should still get a vote.

b) House Neheli (Human Sueloise) – want to recall troops and deal with domestic matters. They have 39 votes, partially due to the blackmailing efforts of Lord Holphin Neheli, Duke Cedrian III’s nephew. You need to find ways to discredit the family and win more of the domestic vote at home and take credit for any recovered lands. They control 39 votes plus 1 from Rhwyng yr Coed, if Gyruff rejoins the Kingdom.

c) House Skotti (Human Sueloise) – a relatively minor Sueloise house, not up to the par of Rhola or Neheli, but their Kimbertos was picked as the last king as a compromise when neither Neheli nor Rhola could garner enough votes last time. No one thought he would live this long, but now that he has passed, the debate rises again. House Lizhal has also thrown their votes in with House Skotti. The Skotti are popular with those near the Dreadwood in the southwest of the Kingdom, but they only have 14 votes plus 1 if the Yeomanry rejoins.

d) The Oeridians (another Human race) have formed a faction around Count Ignas Manz of Cryllor. They only have 10 votes, but the Lizhal have started a Suel-Supremacy movement that is alienating the Oeridians.


a) The Principality of Ulek (allied dwarven nation to the southeast) has been half overrun by orcs and other humanoid monsters from the Pomarj. Forces from the Pomarj are moving up the Wild Coast (formerly independent), but the dwarves of Ulek have been holding the line. They are requesting aid.

b) The Hold of the Sea Princes (slaver pirates to the south) was conquered overnight in a sudden coup. While never peaceful before, they have joined the war against Keoland. If reconquered, that would add an additional 6 voting rods (to a total of 115).

c) Sterich and Geoff (aka Gyruff) were overrun by giants. Keoland sent some 10,000 troops to the last massive battle, but only about 4,000 returned. Since then, the giants are pushing in on the western border and invading the home country. – The March of Mareman (Neheli) was taken by a horde of orc barbarians, including the town of Regin and the Cavalry School there. The orcs have been contained, but they are dug in and will be hard to get out.

d) The Keoish Navy is in ruins. It was smashed by the fleets of the Pomarj and the Hold of the Sea Princes. You can rebuild ships, but there is a problem of getting enough lumber and men to crew them.

e) The weather this year has been harsh with a supernaturally cold winter producing artic winds. Food stores have been destroyed by enemy agents and livestock (and their owners) are freezing. Death from starvation and freezing to death are no less gentle than the sword.

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