Social Status and Nobility


  • Brenin (Grand Duke) – Ruler of Gyruff. Addressed as Your Radiance.
  • High Chancellor (Appointed by the Brenin) – The Right Hand man of the Brenin. Addressed as Your Lordship.
  • Llwyr (Count) – rules a more important cantrev. Addressed as Your Eminence.
  • Arglwyth (Baron) – rules a less important cantrev. Addressed as Your Prominence.
  • Brehyr (Baronet) – rules a manor, fief or town, usually 6 mile radius. Addressed as Sir/Dame and can be suffixed by Baronet.
  • Peer of the Realm (Knight) – Peers of the realm are chosen by the Brenin for bravery, loyalty, the willingness to risk one’s life for the Land and bold leadership in battle. Addressed as Ser or Seres. May or may not have a fief (landed vs. unlanded)


  • Teulu (Noble Companions) – When a Ffolk or Trevdyn has been with the Llwyr or Arglwyth for a time and has proven to be worthy on the battlefield, the Llwyr will often allow them to become one of his or her companions. These Teulu (Noble Companions) often can be found around the noble’s table in peacetime and ride with him or her in times of war. Addressed as Worthy (or Most Worthy, if well decorated) Lord.
  • Trevdyn (Urban Lord) or Ffolk (Rural Lord) – Ffolk or Trevdyn (manor lords) can have a “life estate” that allows them rights to property for life as long as they pay their rent (typically 10% of the property value) to the Brehyr/high noble who owns it. They can then can sub-lease land or rooms to Arddwr. Addressed as My Lord.
  • Arddwr (Freemen) – Arddwr are standard freemen, farmers or craftsmen who must rent their home from the local Ffolk or Trevdyn. Often they perform tasks for reduced rent. They are not serfs however, and may leave any time they wish. Wealthier Arddwr are typically addressed as Master or Mistress.

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Social Status and Nobility

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