Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Fast Times at Ravonnar High

Coldeven 621. We parted with Dandelion’s family and decided to investigate Ravonnar and Castle Brodelin further. Dandelion, Morrick, Lakra, Aurora, Raylendar, Raylinn and I decided to visit some of the taverns to get a feel for the gossip in town.

First some of them went into the Pewter Cup. It was quite a dive. It did not seem prudent to eat or drink anything. 2 fishers and a sailor comprised the other patrons of the bar. They did not have a high opinion of Marchioness Chantel. When Dandelion indicated he was trying to rescue some friends from the Castle, the sailor told he that they were likely already not themselves. Aurora thought she hear sounds from the basement, maybe a fight pit. This was not our concern, so we moved on.

The next place was the Drunken Dwarf, which had a prejudice against non-humans. Dandelion posed as a musical instrument salesman and bribed a waitress to get an invitation to the castle. We found Mazer’s sister Shea in her Colette guise. She told us that Holphin had been brought into the castle as a prisoner. Three knights and their squires had also entered the castle and not exited. Some frogmen and a troll were also rumored to be at the castle.

We decided to leave town and come back as Knight Commander Dispatcher Blasting Puma Raylinn Fardale and Lady Amber Lightblade, daughter of Regent Eridan Shadowblade of Gyruff. The rest of us were disguised as their retainers. We stopped at Cosmos first so Chantel would know that visiting nobles were in town. Lots of gold diggers were at Cosmos trying to hit on the men. We learned that some knights had been to the castle a couple of days ago and headed on to Skulk and Redlee.

As we headed up to the castle we could smell fragrant flowers even though it was late winter or very early spring. Peasants appeared to be tending what looked like empty fields. The area off the path had a different sent and feel than it should. We discovered that someone had used Mirage Arcane to cover terrain features and mask the many plants and flowers.

We saw the banners with the black raven and rose crest of the Brodelins as we entered the gate of the castle. The guards were friendly and let us approach. Precieux, Raylendar and I were attracted to the plants in the courtyard. We felt an uncontrollable need to roll in the “dragon nip”. Morrick tried to remove Precieux from the plants and incurred her wrath. She cast fireball at her, destroying some of the plants. Fairies swarmed Precieux at the destruction of some of the plants, but Dandelion intimidated them into leaving. We managed to overcome our attraction to the plants. By holding our breath, we managed to gain the inner keep.

Marchioness Chantel kept us waiting, but eventually admitted us to her solar. Then things got “interesting”. Precieux noticed a blond woman sitting looking drugged on a side sofa. She was excited to see Mommy. Dandelion was quite surprised to see Avaterria and alarmed when she did not react to Precieux. Chantel quickly excused herself and her staff followed her to attend some urgent business. After a Dispel Magic, Avaterria regained her senses, turned into a gold dragon and followed after Chantel. Lakra and I were frightened, but pulled ourselves together when Avaterria left.

The chase led down some stairs and past a guard, who tipped over a large barrel of oil onto the stairs to impede our progress. We managed to decent the stairs by flying or other means. Raylinn ended up riding the guard like a sled down the stairs. We were much surprised to see Graz’zt at the bottom of the stairs. Graz’zt was much less surprised than we. Dandelion managed to talk his way past Graz’zt and we continued on our way. We ran into the anti-magic field again and started slipping on the oil. For amusement, Graz’zt decided to use Lakra as a bowling ball against Morrick and someone else at the end of the hall. After he almost slipped twice, he suddenly disappeared. Lakra is going to have serious nightmares, first a gold dragon and then Graz’zt.

Aurora, Raylendar and Avaterria exited to the courtyard and flew toward Ravonnar trying to find the Marchioness. Dandelion and I continued on trying to find Marchioness Chantel. We disturbed a three headed, five armed troll who was too big to fit through his missing cell door. We continued our search while Morrick distracted the troll and Raylinn started searching for Holphin in the cells. Morrick heroically rescued Holphin from a fungus zombie and yellow mold, then got the group to safety. Morrick and Raylinn also captured a guard for questioning.

Chantel and her group escaped, so we searched the castle. We found some knightly corpses in cells along with carrion crawlers, a giant spider with mushrooms growing on its back, a giant scorpion, two fungus zombies who were formerly Chantel’s guards, colorful humanoid amphibians, cockatrices, green slime, a gelatinous cube, basilisks, grell, centipeds, ettercaps, shriekers and violet fungi. We did not have time to explore fully.

We withdrew to the main hall to talk to the guard. Some of Chantel’s pupils practiced they wiles on Kar’sten and were able to get a lot of information. He is young and easily swayed. He told the ladies about Hugo being a corpse animated by his armor and saved by Eridan’s daughter. He also told them about Tallia, Gretta Lea, turtle ships, Dwyr, Hugo’s quest, Precieux and Aunt Shea. What will Chantel do with this information?

The guard told us about the alchemy level between the ground floor and the dungeons. Cases of wines, brandies and other spirits were brought to the alchemy level, stayed for a while and shipped out last week. We examined the alchemy area and found bedrooms, a dining room an office, a lab and a furnace. Beyond the items you would except in a lab, we found exotic ingredients (venom, drugs, poisons, arcane reagents and other things.) We found broken bottles of Keoish Brandy and Ulek wines and other evidence they were working with these bottles to alter them.

We then searched the Marchioness’ room. We found a silver framed antique mirror. We also found letters from various rulers around Keoland, promising alcohol, mushrooms and other delicacies for the wedding. We also found letters from the Marchioness’ cousin Inelda Neheli Botkin, including one offering from Inelda to introduce Chantel to Sondra, Aldriv and Cardor’s grandmother who was getting revenge on the Bodelin’s. Further searching upstairs revealed a magic silvered mirror similar to Evendur’s. We also found journals in Chantel’s room and Anita’s room which need to be deciphered.

Our search was interrupted by an approaching column of heavily armed and armored assailants. Watcher Hugo attacked Avaterria in her gold dragon form. Between Hugo and the flanking air elemental, the badly damaged and drove off Avaterria.

Morrick and Lakra barred the door to the inner keep, but it shattered open. We recognized Aoth, Evendur, Zilziver and Astra among the attackers, but they would not respond to attempts to communicate with them. Badly wounded in short order, we had to escape. Soon after Mazer, Tallia and Bothan entered the keep. And the light of Lydia was used to regrow some of the toxic and dangerous plants we had attempted to burn.

I don’t know if our friends have been permanently turned against us, replaced by mirror images or dopplegangers or if Chantel only momentarily used magic to convince them to attack us. Time will tell, but time is short. If we are to prevent the regent from taking power over Keoland at the Council of Niole Dra, we must act quickly.

Planting a Seed

Readying 621. Dandelion, Morrick, Lakra, Aurora, Raylendar and I went to Caer Gwyn (Castle White) with Emyr and Nichelle. The castle is so named because it is made of white limestone. One of the guards ran down from the tower at our approach to tell the inhabitants of the castle that Emyr was home. Gratin Celina, priestess of Wee Jas, came from her chapel to great the Lord of Aberglain. When asked, Emyr told us that his mother Lady Margaret was a follower of Wee Jas. Emyr’s sisters also ran to the great hall to greet him. The older two, Charise about 14 and elegant and Dreia, about 12 and more martial, tried to appear mature. The younger two, Tiria and Awen, were still very much children. They took Precieux off to play and left the grown ups to talk.

It was evident that Lady Margaret was not thrilled to see Nichelle and barely tolerated her daughter-in-law. She soon sent me to the music room to entertain Nichell, Charise and Dreia with Raylendar, obviously so Lady Margaret could speak to Emyr and Dandelion without us. I took the opportunity to speak with Nichelle. She admitted she did not care for Emyr at first, but quickly fell in love with him. The marriage was arranged by Lady Margaret and Marchioness Chantel (Nichelle’s mother). I observed that Nichelle seems magically compelled to love Emyr.

Dandelion later shared that Lady Margaret mentioned that the Regent is calling a vote in Niole Dra soon. He could not sense a preference for any particular candidate. Marissa Linth (the young cousin of Hannah Linth) is to marry the much older Lord Luschen Rhola (Duke of Gradsul and the head of the Rhola clan) in Flocktime. I wonder why they are marrying each other.

Lady Margaret also mentioned that Marchioness Chantel arranged the marriage between Emyr and Nichelle, although she can not now remember why she agreed to the match. Lady Margaret told Dandelion that Chantel had captured his father Mordelin and two of his children. She also mentioned that she had captured Holphin Neheli and was going to turn him over to the regent when Chantel sweeped in and convinced Lady Margaret to turn Holphin over to Chantel. Lady Margaret can not remember why she agreed.

While finding Precieux, Dandelion found a strange mirror in the family quarters where the girls were playing. Maybe the family is being spied on through the mirror.

Lady Margaret also let Dandelion speak to a prisoner in the dungeon. The prisoner is a young Suloise woman, Porcenia Wedlynn, who was caught sneaking around in the castle. She admitted to being an information gatherer for Chantel. She told us Chantel is very dangerous and has many spies, usually women. Porcenia wanted to get away from Chantel, so Dandelion sent her to Shea.

We went to Ravonnar to free Dandelion’s family. We entered the remote prison in Ravonnar and took the underground tunnels north to the keep. Morrick tried Locate Person to no avail, but we felt Mordelin should be close. Then we noticed that the Light Morrick put on his shield was suddenly suppressed. We searched down a side tunnel and found a necromatically preserved eye of a beholder on a spike doing an antimagic effect. We turned the eye to move the antimagic field. Then Morrick stone shaped through the wall and found Dandelion’s sister Rachelle, his father Mordelin and his brother Daniel. A guard saw us as we were freeing the family and ran for help before we could stop her. We quickly left and took the tunnel through the graveyard. We found two “plant girls” and three assassin vines outside the crypt. We managed to defeat them and got everyone to the country side. Mordelin provided us with a sketch of Castle Brodelin and the sewers under Ravonnar. Rachelle provided us with information about the plants of the area. Daniel provided us information about the history of Keoland.

We learned that Chantel has invited the Church of Lydia to open a school for women at Castle Brodelin. We also learned that Chantel can do divinations. She got many of her people out of Ravonnar just before the Light of Lydia fell on Ravonnar about 30 years ago. Chantel is open to many races if you are female. We also learned that Chantel needs unnatural supplies, which may be spell components. There is strange magic at the castle. Many different colors of dragons can be seen at the castle. And there are monsters in the sewers, such as beholders. Knights have come into the castle to investigate and have never returned.

Passions of the Flesh

Fireseek 621. Mazer, Kars’ten, Morrick, Lakra, Dandelion, Raylendar, Raylinn, Aurora and I traveled from Godakin Keep in Keoland to Aberglain. Raylinn has been hired by Lady Pristantia, so now she travels with him. When we reached Aberglain we were accosted by Colette (or Shea). She let Mazer know that Talia is in the domain of Countess Eredom.

We left Kars’ten and Precieux at the Two Lute for Love as they were deemed too young for Countess Eredom’s Realm. We left Lady Pristantia with Lady Margaret. Dandelion reminded everyone that rooms and companionship is very expensive and not always money. We then used the purple feather and recited the incantation and appeared in Countess Eredom’s portal in front of the palace.

Aurora sensed danger and saw flying shimmers in the air. Then we were accosted by a swarm of pixies. Dandelion sent them away and we continued. Mazer could sense the direction to Tallia so we followed him to a cabin by the hot springs. We saw 4 of Emyr’s guards outside the cabin, but Dandelion talked our way into the cabin.

We felt some strong emotion once inside the cabin. Mazer found Tallia with a passion devil, whom she would not leave, but she did not recognize Mazer. We got things calmed down and got the passion devil, Jayden Thull, to tell us what was going on. Baba Yaga’s “daughter” Elena is in Tallia’s body. Elena and Jayden love each other and want to be together. Jayden thinks he knows how to restore Elena and Tallia back to their own bodies, but he needs Tallia in Elena’s body. Jayden has been employed by Fierna, daughter of Belial of the Fourth layer of Hell to steal Baba Yaga’s hut. If we steal the hut for him, he will restore Tallia to her body.

Elena volunteers that her sister Tasha (girlfriend of Grazz’t) has a key to get into the back door of Baba Yaga’s hut. Jayden also gives us directions for getting in the front door.

We decided to get the key from Tasha, so we headed to the palace. Tasha and Mordenkainen were playing wizard’s chess, so we watched the game and waited. We tried to annoy Mordenkainen so he would lose and Tasha would be in a good mood. During the game we learned that Mordenkainen has an Obsidian Citadel on Mount Iggwilv’s Horn in the Yatil Mountains (Na)Tasha accuses him of spying on her, but he claims it is to keep an eye on the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun across the Cote Vale. He openly wondered if her spies have been more active, because he suspects the she has returned to the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. She redirected by asking if he’s rebuilt his Circle of Eight after certain unpleasantness, which seemed to bring him some visible pain. He assured her that the Circle had been reformed and despite the loss of Otiluke and Tenser, they are more than a match for her. We then talked Tasha into a dalliance. She agreed and Dandelion was able to get the key from her.

We used the key to trace the door frame to the hut. We saw a gargantuan dragon guarding his treasure and passed two undead guards. We went down some stairs and through a guest room. Maelan merch Caswallon was sleeping on the bed. We stopped to bath at the bathing pool before continuing on to Grandmother’s Chambers. We defeated three crones and a clay golem holding Tallia. We retraced our steps to the dragon. Mazer convinced the dragon to let us leave and we returned to Countess Eredom’s palace. Dandelion slipped the key back to Tasha and she gave him a wink. He suspects that she knew we borrowed the key and was fine with that.

We returned to the cabin and Jayden managed to return the women each to their own bodies. I think they are just going to remain in Countess Eredom’s domain to hide from everyone. Neither wants to go back to their former lives.

Dandelion became concerned that Emyr and Nichelle still had not exited their room to speak with us. We all went up to see why. They were still in bed. Their guards had not been able to get them to eat. They had been somewhat like this since their honeymoon, but it had gotten worse since the passion devil. A Dispel Magic broke the spell and they were able to return to Aberglain with us.

Astra's Diary - Scouting the Ruins

Dear Diary,
The past few days have been devoted to finding and scouting out the ruins of Moundgnommery, searching for anything of note. With me were Dasut, Gweezer, and the new recruit Torment, a Tiefling paladin of some sorts. I debated on bringing Avalanche, however I thought we’d be better off with as few people as possible.

The first few days were nothing unique. We strolled past Aberglain, several other areas, and a river largely frozen over. I took to the sky with Gweezer on my back after some…. technical difficulties while Dasut and Torment followed. Eventually as we were travelling westward to Mundgnomerry, we were on the top of the hill as we heard something in the distance. I cloaked me and Gweezer with Invisibility while the others hid behind trees as two gnomes, a male riding some sort of magical construct, and a female leading to the edge of the cliff appeared. Me and Dasut got closer as the female told the male gnome to get out of the contraption as she then proceeded to cast Phantasmal Killer, killing him, and then proceeding to behead hem with a serrated knife. After putting the head in a bag, the female shouted something and than disappeared as a another gnome that appeared identical to the gnome just killed popped out of a cave in the cliff and hopped into the construct. As the new gnome began to use the construct, the female gnome appeared again and attempted to attack Torment. Torment struck back as I summoned a Storm Sphere, missing our attacker as Dasut and Gweezer got into action.

After a long fight, we eventually defeated the spellcaster, who turned out to be a Green Hag, along with a couple shadow gnomes who were hiding in the cave. Gweezer was immediately interested in the construct, and after quickly learning how to use it, called it his own and dubbed it “Shrek the Mech”. After recuperating, we returned to our mission, soon enough finding the ruins of Moundgnommery. We took the side entrance and found a sinkhole, which we decided to climb down. Finding a large chamber inside, we began to explore before Dasut immediately spotted a Beholder, all of us quickly ascending out of the hole as the Beholder chased us. We explored the upper regions as the Beholder slowly continued its pursuit, and after finding nothing of note we went down back into the sinkhole.

Instead of exploring the chamber, we found a passageway the Beholder was “guarding” covered in rubble. We crawled under the rubble and found a stairway that led to a massive underground maze of rooms, gnomish writings and murals spotting the rooms along with several writings in draconic that either said “Gnomes suck” or “Sssang” sucks eggs”. As we were passing over a bridge, a horde of cloakers appeared from the darkness and began to attack us. Gweezer was able to cast Command and force them to descend back into the darkness as we made it past the bridge and into more rooms. The next dozen rooms were inhabited by Kobolds, who had several annoying makeshift traps, which failed to stop us as we causally slaughtered them. After the kobolds were on the retreat, we continued downwards but were stopped by an inanimate statue guarding another stairways downwards that was too tough to defeat.

Deciding to escape, I cast invisibility on everyone except for Dasut as we narrowly made it past the Cloakers. We than got to the passageway and saw that the Beholder was waiting there, although it hadn’t noticed us. Dasut passed by with swiftness as of a rogue as I unfortunately got us caught, the Beholder unleashing an antimagic cone that exposed us. Unexpectedly, the Beholder than took interest in me, and gave me a chance to explain ourselves. Not wanting to be caught lying to it, I told the truth, the Beholder getting very interested as I mentioned Watcher Hugo and began demanding more information on him who I told was coming to Moundgnommery. To both me and the Beholder’s surprise, Dasut came in with a sneak attack, stunning the beast for long enough for us to escape.

Overall, we have discovered that Moundgnomerry is just pretty much ruins, no gnomes in sight. There is more to be discovered, however nothing seems to indicate anything positive. Telling one of its inhabitants that there is someone else, someone it apparently knows, is coming is also not good, although that’s the only thing it knows other than that we were his scouts.

Astra's Diary - From Bones to Souls

Dear Dairy,
It began calm today, as me, Mazer, and Bothan had set sail on the Briganthia back to home in order to protect it from potential thieves out for the abundance of treasure we had collected. I was on the roof of the ship with Mazer as Avalanche, Carston, and the crew stayed below while Bothan was out in the river keeping an eye underwater. After dusk however, I noticed a strange glow out in the distance that was moving towards us slowly. In response to this, we began to move the ship towards the beach as I could then recognize the faint shadow of a ghostly ship within the light that began to slowly come for us. The ship was full of the ghosts of pirates, identical to the zombie pirates we had faced earlier; prompting me to unleash a Storm Sphere on them and manage to severely wound the captain.

Mazer took flight on his wings while Bothan went under the ship and was able to turn the ship with superhuman strength. As the ship turned, the ghosts flew out and sunk into the ocean, some of them assaulting Bothan. As we got onto land, the Earth Elemental in the ship burst out and began pummeling the ship as I got onto my Broom and took flight in the opposite direction as Mazer. The ghosts then appeared out of the shore of the river, both me and Mazer being able to wound them as they entered the ship while everyone inside fled outside. Unfortunately for them, the lich we had encountered previously was there waiting for them and began killing the sailors in mass and zombifying them at a quick pace. as Avalanche and Carston fled to the south.

As Mazer dealt with his own ghosts, I assisted in defeating the zombies with the priestess who was able to thankfully turn the lich, getting her out of the scene. The remaining ghosts however then started to possess the remaining, with the possessed going to the back of the ship to take the treasure out and start to return to the ghostly ship. One of the ghosts got Avalanche, turning my attention to them as I instinctively struck Avalanche with a lightning bolt at the right time in a desperate attempt to get the ghost out, managing to get the ghost out but nearly killing her in the process. Guilt and fear began to leak into my mind as I saw some ghosts attempt to possess Mazer, prompting me to keep my distance.

The lich then returned with more zombies, which made us decide to retreat, everyone being able to be saved. Fortunately we didn’t have to go that far to stop them from chasing us as they were primarily focused on taking all of the gold. We took a briefer as we then discussed what to say to Hugo as I then took responsibility as the messenger and took flight. To our surprise, a Beholder suddenly came out of nowhere heading towards us. I turned invisible as everyone else immediately hid, the Beholder thankfully not noticing or caring for us.

We were able to scourge the ship for some magic items and acquire the magic sails. Hugo was not happy with what happened, but at least we were lucky to have escaped.


Ready’reat 620. Osaris, Aoth, Evendure, Cedrice, Zilziver, Cardic, Raylinn and I headed back toward the mountain fortress looking for the bodies wrapped in silk. We rested in a cave on the way up. Evendur’s creepy mirror followed me. Those on watch saw strange things in the mirror. Zilziver tried to cover the mirror, but it uncovered itself. I wish Evendur would/could get rid of it.

When we exited the cave, we saw many gnolls around the cave and a woman in chains. She yelled that it was a trap. We managed to rescue her and discovered that she was Lady Pristantia Rhola, runaway daughter of Lord Regalious Edmond Rhola. We continued on and found the webbed bodies wrapped in silk. The first was Lady Wedina Rhola, cousin of Lady Prisantia and daughter of Lord Heralius. Further bodies were four of Elder Shalfey’s monks. I was attacked by the web and lost some of my memories.

We found a chimera and its rider. Raylinn protected the Lady Pristantia and is now her protector.

I have been having strange dreams each night. I wake with a strong feeling of anger and loss, but I can not remember the dream. Then I noticed a dozen or so small painless bumps over my body. This morning several tiny white webbed oozes scurried away from me. The bumps have ruptured into painless sores that have now healed and the dreams are gone, but I feels small holes in my memory.

The webs also gave me some memories. The members of the Tower of the Heavens serve to a pay a debt. The monks and nuns are for defense. Sion and Piyarz are not honorable and want power. Hadley the Ferryman was a monk, but is now out of practice. Xilzandrix is a beholder that Piyarz consorts with. Derwyth the half-elven druid is missing.

Fullfilling Hugo's vague Prophecy
Hoards of monsters in keep
Our recently freed and “reborn” leader of the KOW Hugo looking to atone for his past evils enlisted our help. A prophecy he received brought us a keep in the mountains south of Aberglain and west of Godokin. A falling star marked the site as that from his vague prophesty and the first party went up with Hugo. They came back looking half-dead having retreated after dealing much damage to the monstrous occupants. They returned with magic and large amounts of treasure as well as the meteorite. They talked of powerful three-headed creatures and monstrous humanoids and that the bulk of the treasure was still there as they could only take a small portion. So our second group was sent to gather the rest. A chimera with wereboar rider chased us. However, we landed on the roof with the tree on level 6. And went immediately inside and closed the door behind it. We took out two wereboars on level 6. Aurora arcane locked one door with several wereboars and some bugbears. She also placed a web at top of stairs going up to level 5. Bothan stayed on these stairs with Aurora and one other support troop and killed one wereboar that made it to the edge of the web. 3 medium creatures and a ;arge biped got stuck in the web. They broke free but retreated instead of trying to get downstairs. We joined our companions downstair in Level 7. They were fighting 2 gnolls, 3 werebears and some bugbears were dispatched. Aoth and sneaky Pete were being affected by a creepy clown doll that repeated to them “mommy”. This room had four exits one to the north, one to the south, one upstairs and one downstairs. To the south a spiked growth and moonbeam had been placed up preventing the enemy from attacking in force. Something was affecting members of our group and they heard whispers from a creepy clown doll.Once we had cleared the level. I cast shatter on the doll and it was destroyed. While the whispering stopped 4 armed skeletons animated and attacked. Also another affect that turned out to be possession by ghosts began to plague us. This is the point that things turned deadly. The enemy from above which include two powerful spellcasters had regrouped and came down. Wereboars from the level below attempted to come up but were stopped. We cleared out some of the skeletons to a bottleneck which they could I blocked. There were unable to hit or pass me. The wereboars from above poured down from above and we failed to hold a bottleneck at the bottom of the stairs. That was in large part due to the fireball that was cast on us from above. Throughout this three of us became possessed. Sneaky Pete was killed. One of the possessed went unconscious. Aurora exorcised two of the ghosts. When I was freed of possession I returned to block the skeletons and Aoth placed a moonbeam at the bottleneck which created an impassible killing field. Eventually the waves of enemy stopped with 2 of the enemy spellcasters fleeing as well and the chimera not being encountered a second time.We went downstairs to get away from the ghosts that appeared to be congregated on level 7. We found the treasure room and could fit and carry about half the treasure in the portable hole. There was talk of making two trips to gather all of the treasure. I pointed out that the ship we came in would sink with that much weight. So we separated the less valuable treasure to stay, destroyed some evil manuscripts and artifacts, and took what the ship could manage. While we did not eliminate the enemy altogether the bulk of there forces are gone, the two spellcasters, the chimera and some foraging parties not at the keep are about all that remain.
When a Star Falls

Patchwall 620

Watcher Hugo selected four Vigils, Priestess Anna of Ehlonna, the turtleship “Brigantia”, three shifts of crew and the heroes who “saved” him for his quest of redemption to save the world. All he told us was that he wanted some information so he would not be surprised on his mission. “Brigantia” set sail from Arborlon. Hugo was somber and sedate and down to earth. He wore plain and practical clothing of russet brown woolens, leather gauntlets (or work gloves) and sturdy boots. The only things that marked him as a knight were his shield, sword, signet ring and Gyric longbow. He even helped with tasks aboard ship. A few elves shot at us as we passed the Oytwood, but the ship’s captain had ordered the arrow slits stoppered to prevent arrows from entering the ship and doing damage.

Mazer asked to stop in Aberglain as we passed. Hugo granted him a stop of 2 hours. While Hugo visited the mission of St Cuthbert, we went with Mazer to visit Arglwyth Emyr and Lady Nichelle. They were not at home, but Lady Margaret, Emyr’s mother, made us welcome. Mazer asked to see Father Lind. After a long wait, Father Lind returned from the Temple of Norebo. Father Lind informed Mazer that Tallia had not been seen for several days. Mazer had asked Father Lind to bring Tallia to Aberglain to stay with Emyr and Nichelle when he became left the Knights to fight for Gyruff. Since a visit to Babba Yaga, Tallia has believed herself to be a servant girl and does not remember who she is. Tallia has been gone about the same length of time Emyr and Nichelle had been missing. I suggested to Mazer that they might all be in the domain of Countess Eredom. Mazer verified that Tallia was not on the Prime Material Plane.

We needed to continue our journey, so we reboarded the Brigantia. We sailed to Godakin Keep, Keoland, where we visited the Tower of the Heavens. The Tower of the Heavens is a place where rich people go for divinations and prophecies. The butler, Auberge, met us on the visitor’s island. He informed us that Elder Sage Shalfey had passed away, but the chief apprentice Piyarz was now in charge. Hugo requested an audience and Auberge sent a servant to make the request. She returned with an assent, so we followed her across the sky bridge to the Tower. She led us to a room with six Gnomish mercenaries who were acting as guards. They let us into the next room. It was dimly lit and the walls were covered with curtains. Soon the curtains on the far side of the room parted and a man entered. He announced that he was Lurg, the sage and diviner for our session. Lurg asked what our manner of payment would be for the 3000-gp price per divination. Hugo was outraged at the price, but agreed to give a potion of invulnerability for the answer to his question. Mazer persuaded Lurg that for our important quest that Piyraz should do the divination himself. When Lurg left to get Piyraz, Raylinn looked behind the curtain. He found 2 guards who were dressed in blue clothes like monks garb. The guards did not let him pass.

Piyraz soon entered with two additional guards. Mazer asked some questions about Elder Sage Shelfey and said we wanted to pay our respects. Shelfey had died only a few weeks ago, but the body had been committed to the deep per Shelfey’s wishes. Mazer was not satisfied with the answers and fears Shelfey met foul play. Hugo asked us to leave that he might have privacy for the divination. Mazer persuaded Hugo to allow him to stay. When they returned to the outer chamber, Hugo was outraged by the prophecy he received. His question was something about how to defeat the foe he and not defeated last time. The answer was “Follow the light to redemption”. We all thought anyone could have given a better answer.

While most people stayed on the ship, Raylinn, Ralendar, Astra and I went into the town of Godakin Keep. Astra noticed a purple streak of light going southwest into the mountains. We discussed it, but decided to continue to town. Since it was after dark, the guard on the gate directed us around the wall to the tavern. We inquired at the tavern, but they had not heard that Elder Sage Shalfey had died. Most people in town could not afford the Tower of the Heavens. The Baron in town might know more, but we could not see him until morning.

We returned to the ship to sleep. In the morning we mention the purple falling star. Hugo was greatly interested. “Brigantia” navigated up river in the direction Astra saw the falling star hit. We arrived shortly before noon. When we got close, Astra took to her broom to scout. Peepers and Aegis also scouted. Astra found a road to an unnamed fortress built in the mountains. She noticed a recent hole in the side of the fortress. On the way to the fortress, she had flown over four humanoid figures that appeared to be bound in web. She had also seen some giant spiders.

Aurora, Aoth, Sneaky Pete, Evendur, Cedric, Zilziver and Bothan remained with the ship. Mazer, Kars’ten, Raylinn, Rayendar, Astra, her apprentice Avalanche, Xilvyre, Watcher Hugo, the four Vigils and Priestess Anna of Ehlonna used magic to fly up from the river to the mountain fortress hit by the falling star. We landed on a ledge below the hole. Raylinn sent an invisible Aegis to scout. He found a dining hall filled with bugbears and gnolls eating their meal. Aegis also noted a hole in the floor where the shooting star had fallen. Kars’ten sneaked by the windows on the floor below. He saw a barracks with bugbears and gnolls sleeping in bunk beds. He also noted a hole in the floor from the shooting star.

We flew down to a ledge below. We found an unlocked door and entered. We were assailed by the odor of the tomb and found ourselves in an ossuary. Many of the niches in the walls held bones, but some were empty. Mazer detected magic behind one wall. Kars’ten reached for a bone and that bone began to magically assemble with its fellows into a four-armed skeleton. Two other such skeletons also appeared. We destroyed those skeletons. Kars’ten scouted ahead and soon screamed that he found a skeleton with three skulls. I firebolted the skull lord and he gestured forming more skeletons. As Hugo rounded the corner, the skull lord spoke, “Hugo, you’re early”. The skull lord cast finger of death at Hugo. He also cast a cloud kill that Astra dispelled. More surprisingly, the skull lord cast firebolts at whoever was available (Hugo seemed the preferred target) when we attacked his skeletons or him. He kept summoning more skeletons, and also seemed to be able to heal them. We lost two of the vigils and got wounded in the fighting. Hugo caused great damage to the skull lord, causing him to run rapidly away. After clearing the skeletons, we followed down a staircase.

We came to a room with several scorched or bloody bodies. Mazer discerned that the room was a musical trap and the spaces had to be crossed in a particular order. He successfully crossed the room. When I followed, I made a misstep and triggered an arrow trap, losing most of my meager remaining health. I had to stop to drink my last potion. I was glad that Hugo had offered us the KoW discount on healing potions, as we used a large number. I had gotten use to having Morrick along with his vast store of healing. Priestess Anna had some healing ability, but she was not of Morrick’s ability.

The rest of our group was making their way through the room when Mazer let out a shout. He was being attacked by a large maimed three-headed, six-armed creature from a summoning circle, missing 2 left claws, 1 right claw and a milky-white left eye. With the help of Hugo, we managed to defeat that creature. There may have been another three-headed creature as well, I cannot be sure. The skull lord came from Mazer’s other side as a huge three-headed troll appeared. I finished that off with a fireball. Once Hugo finished off the skull lord, Ralendar investigated the room past the summoning circle. He saw a treasure room, but soon retreated from a large three-headed gorilla. After dispatching that, we went down another set of stairs.

We found a ship “Death’s Kiss” with a pirate flag and a skeleton crew of 20 to 30 in a bay. The cave had collapsed, cutting off passage to the river. Raylinn spotted the hole from the shooting star under the water. He leapt into the water and returned with a non-magical irregularly shaped and heat-smoothed purplish-metallic fallen star (meteorite) about the size of his palm and weighing about 5 lbs. Watcher Hugo felt that the fallen star was important to the quest, so he held onto it.

Mazer detected magic from various points on the derelict pirate vessel. He decided to fly over the ship and use telekinesis to lift one of the chests visible on deck. As he cast his spell, the skeletons stood up. One of the skeletons appeared to be holding a baby and one appeared to be the captain. Ralendar led the way with a well-placed fireball. The rest of us followed suit. That cleared out the skeleton crew, but left the witch and the captain. The zombie witch cast a spell which damaged us all and knocked Raylinn down for the second or third time. Priestess Anna used first aid (medicine check) on Raylinn and patched him up enough to get him on his feet. Hugo fought took the wounded skeleton captain out with one blow and turned to fight the witch. She tried to cast Finger of Death on him, but he was too healthy. Hugo then finished her.

Hugo remembered hearing of the Death’s Kiss. It was a Hold of the Sea Princes slave ship. It had been raiding up at least this far north about 100 years ago. One day the ship was just never heard from again.

Priestess Anna examined the summoning circle on the floor above. She identified the symbols as belonging to the Oeirdian god Erthynol, the god of hate, the many and slaughter. This god is also worshipped by bugbears and gnolls.

There was a hoist or dumb waiter from the room beyond the symbols down to the ship below. Between the treasure on the derelict pirate vessel and that in the pirate’s treasure room, there was much more than we could carry in a single trip. Using detect magic, Mazer found some magic items. We got what we could carry, some magic items and two chests of coins and valuables. There were more than 50 chests and thousands of pounds of valuables remaining in the fortress, but we are too badly wounded and depleted to return.

Hugo found “The” Mace of St. Cuthbert!!! Watcher Hugo regaled us of a legend: “Yes, St. Cuthbert was once a mortal shepherd who lives a simple, blameless, charitable life long ago, who was rewarded by the gods by being brought to Oerth where he walked the world as a holy man teaching evil the error of its ways. Eventually he became a god; the tale attempts to guide others by example.” As proof, Watcher Hugo produced a book with an illustration of St. Cuthbert and his mace. This mace has a bronzewood shaft and flared metal head. Of course Watcher Hugo claimed this ancient and most holy weapon of his deity, though he humbly prayed that he is unworthy. The prophesy has come true that the light was the path to redemption and thus, he forbids any of us from harming the sages.

Watcher Hugo also took a journal, written in a secret language, containing hand-drawn maps of the Sheldomar Valley and apparent notes showing the Knights’ occupation of Gyruff/Geoff. – he can’t read it, but he’s taking it for the Order. Someone should be able to decipher it. Although the knights don’t care about money, they felt most of the monetary loot should go to the order. Thus we each only got a minor magic item and some coin each.

No one claimed a +2 cutlass from the undead ship’s captain, a Potion of Heroism, a Quaal’s Feather Token: Swan Boat, a Potion of Gaseous Form or a necklace with a pendant of three nested black triangles of polished obsidian worth about 100 gp from the maimed creature from the summoning circle.

We left a Journal of Mama Segolene, written in an arcane language that you probably don’t know, a suit of Adamantine Plate [Watcher Hugo refuses it], unholy symbols of Erythnul [stylized masks symbolizing his many aspects] and scraps of unholy scripture written in Abyssal(?). There were also several reed instruments, bronze gongs and brass braziers, a bejeweled set of rusty and blunt torturing knives and implements and more than 58 chests, 100,000 lbs. of coins, many lesser gems and whatever is at the bottom of that pile!

Retaking Arborlon and Hugo

Ban Cantdyn Cairbre ap Somgael approached several heroes with a special mission: taking out the Grandiose Imperial Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff and as much of the leadership as you can. Cairbre can teleport up to 300 people into the Inner Keep at Arborlon; however, his mission would be better served with a smaller group using stealth and surprise. He’ll need at least one stealthy scout (rogue) and some heavies for protection, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some more spell casters. Divination magic is blocked, so we can’t be sure what we’ll face; however, recent defectors (Mazer and Bothan) indicated that there is less than a company of knights left in Arborlon. There are defenses in Arborlon, so we should be prepared with water breathing and other spells that he’ll have prepared. We go in at night, so you’ll need dark/night vision, sneak into the palace, neutralizing the guards as quickly and quietly as possible before moving on to the leadership. There is a good chance that the leadership will quickly become aware of our presence, but by going in at night, most won’t be in their heavy platemail armor. If we encounter overwhelming opposition, pull back to Cairbre and we’ll teleport out.

Aurora, Sneaky Pete, Zilziver, Corran, Evendur, Cedric, Mazer, Kars’ten, Dasuk, Ralendar, Gweezer, Bothan, Astra and I agreed to go with Mage Cairbre. We decided to go in invisible with water breathing and try to sneak into the palace at Arborlon. We would make our way to the palace, Dasut and Sneaky Pete would climb the side of the building and throw down ropes and we would climb to the 4th or 5th floor, where Hugo and the other leadership was likely to be. Unfortunately Evendur and Cedric, although invisible, were not silent and attracted the attention of one of the two knights guarding the entrance to the palace. Sneaky Pete decided to take out the other guard before he could raise the alarm. His attack wounded, but did not kill the knight guarding the door. Bothan attacked with his thunder weapon. With the alarm thus raised, we entered the palace. Beyond the entrance hall, we heard sounds of barricading and armor going on.

We climbed the stairs to the entrance hall and unleashed fireballs into the knights there preparing to attack. Two KoW mages came out of adjourning rooms to blast us with fireballs, injuring many of us in return. A bloody battle ensued.

Sneaky Pete climbed the outside of the palace to try to find the KoW leadership. He soon returned with a couple of helmed horrors. Meanwhile, Hugo came down the stairs to face us. Bothan and Evendur faced off against Hugo. Mazer used Telekinesis to steal Hugo’s sword, which tried to talk to him. Cairbre cast banishment on the sword, causing it to revert to a magical longsword once the devil had been banished. Cairbre then cast a high level dispel on Hugo’s armor. Hugo collapsed, his armor falling apart to reveal a skeleton. Bothan, Evendur, Aurora and Dasut took bones from the skeleton. It then closed back up and resumed the attack. Mazer lifted the armor to the ceiling with a Telekinesis as Cairbre attempted to Banish the fiend in the armor. His fifth attempt was successful

Aurora pulled out a Tear of Beory and applied it to the leg bone she had taken. A confused Hugo called for all to stand down and cease fighting. He then destroyed his armor and sword with the help of smiths and mages.

After the battle, he told us he had a quest from St Cuthbert to follow. Any who help with the quest would be restored to honor. We agreed to help.

Aftermath of recovering Hugo

Though the Imperial Grandiose Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff has apparently been dead (rotted away to a skeleton) for several decades, the Tear of Beory has restored him to life into a newly formed thirty-something year old body. Watcher Hugo is possibly the strongest, most handsome and virile mortal human man you’ve ever seen with shoulder-length brown hair, short beard and light tan skin that belies his Flan heritage, but his eyes are the brilliant blue of a cloudless sky. He has a presence that women want to be with and men want to be like; however, there is a hint of sadness and pain within him.

After being returned from the dead, Watcher Hugo was understandably confused and disoriented, but within a few seconds he commanded the helmed horrors to attack his former armor, now held aloft by Mazer’s telekinesis. When the devil in the armor is banished, it de-animates and falls apart once more.As other knights arrive, the Imperial Grandiose Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff commands them to stand down. There has been enough bloodshed this night.

With conflicting undertones, Watcher Hugo orders the armor and sword immediately destroyed. There are artificers and blacksmiths among the knights, including Zilziver and Bothan, who can light a forge in Arborlon to heat, bend and destroy the armor, though it will take time. Watcher Hugo never leaves the sight of his former sword and armor, himself taking the blacksmith’s hammer and anvil to blunt and break them with a cathartic fury. Though not proficient with blacksmith’s tools, he is familiar with many forms of weapons, including hammers. The power of his blows combined with the intensity of mad revenge is such that one of the hammer handles breaks and the piece of metal flies into the darkness. He calls for one of the high priest’s magic mauls, which he wields with terrifying effect. Once his considerable energy and endurance are spent, he orders the armor and sword melted down, even calling for the mages and archmages to provide additional heat and magic to ensure the destruction of his former prison.

A fully spent Watcher Hugo then returns to the palace, where he orders the bodies of the fallen knights, high priests and mages to be tended to and treated with respect. His eyes take note of any bodies that have been looted or non-knights with recognizable knightly arms or armor, and looks with a simmering silent anger and disgust at those who have such items about their person. Though his discerning eyes may note his necklace or iron bands, he never asks for them back.

Among the dead:
 High Priest (Pholtus) Piotr Dredd, “Judge of the Dead”, Oeridian Male previously stationed in Gorna as part of the Westfold Force, although he was supposedly lost in Gwathsir to the water elemental with KCpt Vigil Darielle. Within minutes of looting Piotr’s body, his staff, magic maul and armor dissolve into nothingness.
 Hierophant (Pholtus) Watcher Delgato Chaosbane, Oeridian Male, formerly stationed in Gorna as part of the Westfold Force. It was his magic maul that Watcher Hugo called for in the destruction of his former armor. When the armor had been destroyed, Watcher Hugo just abandoned the maul at the forge, apparently too spent to care.
KUM Soaring Condor Watcher Arturo Gilbreth, Oeridian Male formerly stationed in Keoland in command of the Condor Regiment
 KC Vicious Sparrow Hawk Watcher Helgoland Harc, Flan Male formerly a member of his cousin’s huscarles in the Eastern March of Gran March.
 KC Ornamental Snowy Owl Watcher Jaden Wierwood, Suloise Male, servingas commander of his cousin’s huscarles in the Dracus Province of Gran March.
KUM Bull Rush Otyugh Watcher Ihar El’Hamin, Baklunish Male from the Thornward Province, then serving there watching the “Gap” between Ket and Bissel.
 Commandant KFM Lumbering Polar Bear Watcher Larrangin, Oeridian Male Margrave of Bissel, had apparently been replaced by a doppelganger.
 Knight Baronet Great Vengeful Owlbear Dispatcher Magnus Therestell of Orlane, Suloise Male Elector Baronet stationed in Guilder’s Folly. You served with him on several occasions in the Rushmoors and he was the voice of reason tempering KUMW Albrecht Wood in his rivalry with KUMD Belatros the Arcane. You have his non-magical signet ring, spellbook and non-magical staff.
KUM Fearsome Raging Minotaur Watcher Nadir, Mixed Human, Male commander of the Minotaur Regiment based in Fort Watch of Gran March. You fought alongside him in the Rushmoors.
 KC Radiant Ettin Watcher Gwen de Leau, Flan Female, commander of the 116th Ettin Heavy Foot of the Minotaur Regiment in Fort Watch of Gran March. You fought alongside her in the Rushmoors.
 KCpt Forcible Fomorian Watcher Mulwyn, Oeridian Male, a member of the 116th Ettin Heavy Foot of the Minotaur Regiment in Fort Watch of Gran March. You fought alongside him in the Rushmoors.
 KCpt Endowed Ogre Watcher Dreyn, Oeridian Male, a member of the 116th Ettin Heavy Foot of the Minotaur Regiment in Fort Watch of Gran March. You fought alongside him in the Rushmoors.
 KC Maurading Medusa Watcher Wadwedd, Mixed Human, Male, commander of the 82nd Medusa Medium Cavalry of the Minotaur Regiment in Fort Watch, Gran March. You fought alongside him in the Rushmoors.
KUM Frosted Remhoraz Watcher Elissar Lassandril, High Elf, Male commander of the Dim Regiment based in Dimhaven.
 Knight Warden Unrelenting Sphinx Dispatcher Gundar Kevitz, Mixed Human, Male veteran of the War Against the Giants including Bloody Ridge, formerly of various commands in Geoff and demoted to command Eddelsburg Inn in Gran March. As the flames begin flicking his body, his eyes open and he leaps from the funeral pyre, badly burned with his skin black and crusty like a burned ham. He rolls to the ground, while other knights attempt to smother his burning garments. Shaking off any assistance, he insists that he just needs to rest and recover.
 (Retired) KC Stalwart Iron Golem Dispatcher Darian Malthus, Oeridian Male, Llwyr of Araul Anterth, widower of Llwyres Fiona the Ebontress. Although his shield was upon his arm, his sword never left its sheath before he and the other knights in the Upper Hall were killed by fireballs.
 KC Domineering Elder Earth Elemental Watcher Morosa Devenia Rhola, Suloise Female, commander of the Earth Elemental Regiment based in Keoland. It is incredibly unusual for a Knight Commander to be in command of a regiment, but it may be due to the connections of her family and/or attrition within the knight leadership.
 KC Lumbering Bulette Watcher Hector Rotiri Neheli, Suloise Male, commander of the Bulette Regiment based in Keoland. Like KCW Morosa, his position was probably due to family connections and/or attrition within the leadership.
 KC Overwhelming Purple Worm Watcher Karina Linth, Suloise Female, commander of the Purple Worm Regiment based in Keoland. Once again, birth and attrition in the leadership led to her position of power.
KUM Pummeling Stone Golem Watcher Keldar Menawyk, Mountain Dwarf Male commander of the Lorridges Regiment based in Menawyk, Bissel.

There are more than a dozen recognizable full suits of magical (1) platemail, very recognizable magic (1) shields and somewhat recognizable magic (+1) swords. High Priest Delgato had mithril platemail, a magic +1 maul (used by Watcher Hugo to smash his former armor and sword) and a Staff of Healing. Lord Baron Great Vengeful Owlbear Magnus Dispatcher Therestell of Orlane’s spellbook has up to 6th level spells, but no other magic items (his signet ring is his noble ring worth 50 gp). The Grandiose Imperial Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff had magic armor (destroyed), sword (destroyed), shield (he’s reclaimed), an Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location, and Iron Bands of Bilarro.

After the bodies are laid to rest in graves or burned in a funeral pyre (or wandered off to heal), Watcher Hugo begins to inquire of his nephew (Owen) and niece (Gwenillian) until in an agonizing and aging moment, he remembered/realized what happened. He has been a cursed prisoner of that foul armor, aware, but unable to control his own actions. He was in his seventies (he turned 96 this year) with strength failing him and body in decline, when he was presented with an armor that would make him strong and virile again. The armor would allow him to continue his work as a Billet in the name of St. Cuthbert… He trails off, lost in thought for a moment, before remembering/realizing something. He has yet to complete the quest for which he (the older he) was willing to risk the armor. It was hubris to believe he could control the treacherous armor, something that he will have to atone for, but the quest itself must be undertaken. This is also something that he cannot undertake alone or even with just a couple loyal knights. We already have assembled the order’s most experienced and powerful knights and mages gathered here already… We must continue the quest St. Cuthbert warned me about all those decades ago. He cannot speak in detail about it, because agents of the enemy have infiltrated the order (as you have already seen), but we must take the fight to the heart of evil that has been festering in the shadows. He offers potential amnesty for recently declared “traitorous” knights, should they accompany him on a quest for redemption and atonement. He also offers to knight any of the non-knight heroes who rescued him from his curse.

Upon deciding to go upon this quest, Watcher Hugo has a renewed zeal and focus. A magical Sending will bring all of the knights in Gwathsir up to Arborlon. We will need every earthglide ship we can get our hands on. Bring weapons, armor and supplies for a siege, if necessary; although siege engines and common soldiers will be of little use against this foe. We will engage in a heroic battle worthy of song, and we shall right this wrong.

Watcher Hugo then tries to equip, but can’t stand even the thought of putting armor on again. He can pick up and use his old shield and a sword loaned from an attending knight, though. Then he orders the senior knights (Great Beasts) present into a secret meeting held on the 5th floor of the palace. (To those who would pry on them, like I’m SURE you’re going to do… one of the archmages erects a Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum for security.) Inside the sphere:
 Grandiose Imperial Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff
 Archmage Benevolent Copper Dragon Watcher Horcrass Heth
KFM Vengeful Elder Wyrm Watcher Inquisitor Catical Fangorn, Interim Commandant of Geoff
KFM Massive Diving Black Dragon Watcher Heardred
KFM Most Illustrious Silver Dragon Watcher Thyian Rholgran, Commandant of Gran March
KFM Sapphire Ancient Blue Dragon Watcher Iboremar Dwilald, Elector Baron of Manthus, GM
KUM Radiant Pinnacle Gold Dragon Watcher Olwin Pendragon, Elector Baron of Hookhill, GM
(For any of you who with prying eyes who can climb the walls and/or lurk invisibly without honor, but I’m sure there is at least ONE of you: A few minutes into their conference, the private sanctum drops with the body of Archmage Horcrass, KFMW Heardred’s sword emerging from Horcrass’ back. KFMW Iboremar has squared off with KFMWI Catical. KFMW Olwin squares off against Watcher Hugo who makes up for his lack of armor with raw strength and determination. KFMW Thyian attacks KFMW Heardred, who joins the fight against Watcher Hugo. Double-teamed, flanked and without armor,
Watcher Hugo takes an incredible beating and eventually collapses, but not before Watcher Heardred, who reverts to his natural doppelganger state. Watcher Thyian then squares off with Watcher Olwin as Watcher Inquisitor finishes off Watcher Iboremar, who collapses as a rotting corpse. Watcher Olwin is no match for the remaining two, but goes down swinging until he reverts into his ice devil form. Watcher Inquisitor Catical opens a portable hole and unceremoniously drops the remains of Watchers Heardred, Iboremar and Olwin into it before closing the hole again, while Watcher Thyian tends to the already stabilized Watcher Hugo. The fight only lasted half a minute, but cut the senior leadership of the Knights of the Watch in half.)

Critically wounded Watcher Inquisitor Catical and Watcher Thyian bring the stabilized Watcher Hugo and the body of Archmage Benevolent Copper Dragon Watcher Horcrass Heth down with care and honor. Barely a word is spoken of the others, save that they have been lost and that the quest will proceed as soon as we can recover and regroup.