Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Aftermath of recovering Hugo

Though the Imperial Grandiose Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff has apparently been dead (rotted away to a skeleton) for several decades, the Tear of Beory has restored him to life into a newly formed thirty-something year old body. Watcher Hugo is possibly the strongest, most handsome and virile mortal human man you’ve ever seen with shoulder-length brown hair, short beard and light tan skin that belies his Flan heritage, but his eyes are the brilliant blue of a cloudless sky. He has a presence that women want to be with and men want to be like; however, there is a hint of sadness and pain within him.

After being returned from the dead, Watcher Hugo was understandably confused and disoriented, but within a few seconds he commanded the helmed horrors to attack his former armor, now held aloft by Mazer’s telekinesis. When the devil in the armor is banished, it de-animates and falls apart once more.As other knights arrive, the Imperial Grandiose Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff commands them to stand down. There has been enough bloodshed this night.

With conflicting undertones, Watcher Hugo orders the armor and sword immediately destroyed. There are artificers and blacksmiths among the knights, including Zilziver and Bothan, who can light a forge in Arborlon to heat, bend and destroy the armor, though it will take time. Watcher Hugo never leaves the sight of his former sword and armor, himself taking the blacksmith’s hammer and anvil to blunt and break them with a cathartic fury. Though not proficient with blacksmith’s tools, he is familiar with many forms of weapons, including hammers. The power of his blows combined with the intensity of mad revenge is such that one of the hammer handles breaks and the piece of metal flies into the darkness. He calls for one of the high priest’s magic mauls, which he wields with terrifying effect. Once his considerable energy and endurance are spent, he orders the armor and sword melted down, even calling for the mages and archmages to provide additional heat and magic to ensure the destruction of his former prison.

A fully spent Watcher Hugo then returns to the palace, where he orders the bodies of the fallen knights, high priests and mages to be tended to and treated with respect. His eyes take note of any bodies that have been looted or non-knights with recognizable knightly arms or armor, and looks with a simmering silent anger and disgust at those who have such items about their person. Though his discerning eyes may note his necklace or iron bands, he never asks for them back.

Among the dead:
 High Priest (Pholtus) Piotr Dredd, “Judge of the Dead”, Oeridian Male previously stationed in Gorna as part of the Westfold Force, although he was supposedly lost in Gwathsir to the water elemental with KCpt Vigil Darielle. Within minutes of looting Piotr’s body, his staff, magic maul and armor dissolve into nothingness.
 Hierophant (Pholtus) Watcher Delgato Chaosbane, Oeridian Male, formerly stationed in Gorna as part of the Westfold Force. It was his magic maul that Watcher Hugo called for in the destruction of his former armor. When the armor had been destroyed, Watcher Hugo just abandoned the maul at the forge, apparently too spent to care.
KUM Soaring Condor Watcher Arturo Gilbreth, Oeridian Male formerly stationed in Keoland in command of the Condor Regiment
 KC Vicious Sparrow Hawk Watcher Helgoland Harc, Flan Male formerly a member of his cousin’s huscarles in the Eastern March of Gran March.
 KC Ornamental Snowy Owl Watcher Jaden Wierwood, Suloise Male, servingas commander of his cousin’s huscarles in the Dracus Province of Gran March.
KUM Bull Rush Otyugh Watcher Ihar El’Hamin, Baklunish Male from the Thornward Province, then serving there watching the “Gap” between Ket and Bissel.
 Commandant KFM Lumbering Polar Bear Watcher Larrangin, Oeridian Male Margrave of Bissel, had apparently been replaced by a doppelganger.
 Knight Baronet Great Vengeful Owlbear Dispatcher Magnus Therestell of Orlane, Suloise Male Elector Baronet stationed in Guilder’s Folly. You served with him on several occasions in the Rushmoors and he was the voice of reason tempering KUMW Albrecht Wood in his rivalry with KUMD Belatros the Arcane. You have his non-magical signet ring, spellbook and non-magical staff.
KUM Fearsome Raging Minotaur Watcher Nadir, Mixed Human, Male commander of the Minotaur Regiment based in Fort Watch of Gran March. You fought alongside him in the Rushmoors.
 KC Radiant Ettin Watcher Gwen de Leau, Flan Female, commander of the 116th Ettin Heavy Foot of the Minotaur Regiment in Fort Watch of Gran March. You fought alongside her in the Rushmoors.
 KCpt Forcible Fomorian Watcher Mulwyn, Oeridian Male, a member of the 116th Ettin Heavy Foot of the Minotaur Regiment in Fort Watch of Gran March. You fought alongside him in the Rushmoors.
 KCpt Endowed Ogre Watcher Dreyn, Oeridian Male, a member of the 116th Ettin Heavy Foot of the Minotaur Regiment in Fort Watch of Gran March. You fought alongside him in the Rushmoors.
 KC Maurading Medusa Watcher Wadwedd, Mixed Human, Male, commander of the 82nd Medusa Medium Cavalry of the Minotaur Regiment in Fort Watch, Gran March. You fought alongside him in the Rushmoors.
KUM Frosted Remhoraz Watcher Elissar Lassandril, High Elf, Male commander of the Dim Regiment based in Dimhaven.
 Knight Warden Unrelenting Sphinx Dispatcher Gundar Kevitz, Mixed Human, Male veteran of the War Against the Giants including Bloody Ridge, formerly of various commands in Geoff and demoted to command Eddelsburg Inn in Gran March. As the flames begin flicking his body, his eyes open and he leaps from the funeral pyre, badly burned with his skin black and crusty like a burned ham. He rolls to the ground, while other knights attempt to smother his burning garments. Shaking off any assistance, he insists that he just needs to rest and recover.
 (Retired) KC Stalwart Iron Golem Dispatcher Darian Malthus, Oeridian Male, Llwyr of Araul Anterth, widower of Llwyres Fiona the Ebontress. Although his shield was upon his arm, his sword never left its sheath before he and the other knights in the Upper Hall were killed by fireballs.
 KC Domineering Elder Earth Elemental Watcher Morosa Devenia Rhola, Suloise Female, commander of the Earth Elemental Regiment based in Keoland. It is incredibly unusual for a Knight Commander to be in command of a regiment, but it may be due to the connections of her family and/or attrition within the knight leadership.
 KC Lumbering Bulette Watcher Hector Rotiri Neheli, Suloise Male, commander of the Bulette Regiment based in Keoland. Like KCW Morosa, his position was probably due to family connections and/or attrition within the leadership.
 KC Overwhelming Purple Worm Watcher Karina Linth, Suloise Female, commander of the Purple Worm Regiment based in Keoland. Once again, birth and attrition in the leadership led to her position of power.
KUM Pummeling Stone Golem Watcher Keldar Menawyk, Mountain Dwarf Male commander of the Lorridges Regiment based in Menawyk, Bissel.

There are more than a dozen recognizable full suits of magical (1) platemail, very recognizable magic (1) shields and somewhat recognizable magic (+1) swords. High Priest Delgato had mithril platemail, a magic +1 maul (used by Watcher Hugo to smash his former armor and sword) and a Staff of Healing. Lord Baron Great Vengeful Owlbear Magnus Dispatcher Therestell of Orlane’s spellbook has up to 6th level spells, but no other magic items (his signet ring is his noble ring worth 50 gp). The Grandiose Imperial Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff had magic armor (destroyed), sword (destroyed), shield (he’s reclaimed), an Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location, and Iron Bands of Bilarro.

After the bodies are laid to rest in graves or burned in a funeral pyre (or wandered off to heal), Watcher Hugo begins to inquire of his nephew (Owen) and niece (Gwenillian) until in an agonizing and aging moment, he remembered/realized what happened. He has been a cursed prisoner of that foul armor, aware, but unable to control his own actions. He was in his seventies (he turned 96 this year) with strength failing him and body in decline, when he was presented with an armor that would make him strong and virile again. The armor would allow him to continue his work as a Billet in the name of St. Cuthbert… He trails off, lost in thought for a moment, before remembering/realizing something. He has yet to complete the quest for which he (the older he) was willing to risk the armor. It was hubris to believe he could control the treacherous armor, something that he will have to atone for, but the quest itself must be undertaken. This is also something that he cannot undertake alone or even with just a couple loyal knights. We already have assembled the order’s most experienced and powerful knights and mages gathered here already… We must continue the quest St. Cuthbert warned me about all those decades ago. He cannot speak in detail about it, because agents of the enemy have infiltrated the order (as you have already seen), but we must take the fight to the heart of evil that has been festering in the shadows. He offers potential amnesty for recently declared “traitorous” knights, should they accompany him on a quest for redemption and atonement. He also offers to knight any of the non-knight heroes who rescued him from his curse.

Upon deciding to go upon this quest, Watcher Hugo has a renewed zeal and focus. A magical Sending will bring all of the knights in Gwathsir up to Arborlon. We will need every earthglide ship we can get our hands on. Bring weapons, armor and supplies for a siege, if necessary; although siege engines and common soldiers will be of little use against this foe. We will engage in a heroic battle worthy of song, and we shall right this wrong.

Watcher Hugo then tries to equip, but can’t stand even the thought of putting armor on again. He can pick up and use his old shield and a sword loaned from an attending knight, though. Then he orders the senior knights (Great Beasts) present into a secret meeting held on the 5th floor of the palace. (To those who would pry on them, like I’m SURE you’re going to do… one of the archmages erects a Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum for security.) Inside the sphere:
 Grandiose Imperial Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff
 Archmage Benevolent Copper Dragon Watcher Horcrass Heth
KFM Vengeful Elder Wyrm Watcher Inquisitor Catical Fangorn, Interim Commandant of Geoff
KFM Massive Diving Black Dragon Watcher Heardred
KFM Most Illustrious Silver Dragon Watcher Thyian Rholgran, Commandant of Gran March
KFM Sapphire Ancient Blue Dragon Watcher Iboremar Dwilald, Elector Baron of Manthus, GM
KUM Radiant Pinnacle Gold Dragon Watcher Olwin Pendragon, Elector Baron of Hookhill, GM
(For any of you who with prying eyes who can climb the walls and/or lurk invisibly without honor, but I’m sure there is at least ONE of you: A few minutes into their conference, the private sanctum drops with the body of Archmage Horcrass, KFMW Heardred’s sword emerging from Horcrass’ back. KFMW Iboremar has squared off with KFMWI Catical. KFMW Olwin squares off against Watcher Hugo who makes up for his lack of armor with raw strength and determination. KFMW Thyian attacks KFMW Heardred, who joins the fight against Watcher Hugo. Double-teamed, flanked and without armor,
Watcher Hugo takes an incredible beating and eventually collapses, but not before Watcher Heardred, who reverts to his natural doppelganger state. Watcher Thyian then squares off with Watcher Olwin as Watcher Inquisitor finishes off Watcher Iboremar, who collapses as a rotting corpse. Watcher Olwin is no match for the remaining two, but goes down swinging until he reverts into his ice devil form. Watcher Inquisitor Catical opens a portable hole and unceremoniously drops the remains of Watchers Heardred, Iboremar and Olwin into it before closing the hole again, while Watcher Thyian tends to the already stabilized Watcher Hugo. The fight only lasted half a minute, but cut the senior leadership of the Knights of the Watch in half.)

Critically wounded Watcher Inquisitor Catical and Watcher Thyian bring the stabilized Watcher Hugo and the body of Archmage Benevolent Copper Dragon Watcher Horcrass Heth down with care and honor. Barely a word is spoken of the others, save that they have been lost and that the quest will proceed as soon as we can recover and regroup.



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