Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Astra's Diary - From Bones to Souls

Dear Dairy,
It began calm today, as me, Mazer, and Bothan had set sail on the Briganthia back to home in order to protect it from potential thieves out for the abundance of treasure we had collected. I was on the roof of the ship with Mazer as Avalanche, Carston, and the crew stayed below while Bothan was out in the river keeping an eye underwater. After dusk however, I noticed a strange glow out in the distance that was moving towards us slowly. In response to this, we began to move the ship towards the beach as I could then recognize the faint shadow of a ghostly ship within the light that began to slowly come for us. The ship was full of the ghosts of pirates, identical to the zombie pirates we had faced earlier; prompting me to unleash a Storm Sphere on them and manage to severely wound the captain.

Mazer took flight on his wings while Bothan went under the ship and was able to turn the ship with superhuman strength. As the ship turned, the ghosts flew out and sunk into the ocean, some of them assaulting Bothan. As we got onto land, the Earth Elemental in the ship burst out and began pummeling the ship as I got onto my Broom and took flight in the opposite direction as Mazer. The ghosts then appeared out of the shore of the river, both me and Mazer being able to wound them as they entered the ship while everyone inside fled outside. Unfortunately for them, the lich we had encountered previously was there waiting for them and began killing the sailors in mass and zombifying them at a quick pace. as Avalanche and Carston fled to the south.

As Mazer dealt with his own ghosts, I assisted in defeating the zombies with the priestess who was able to thankfully turn the lich, getting her out of the scene. The remaining ghosts however then started to possess the remaining, with the possessed going to the back of the ship to take the treasure out and start to return to the ghostly ship. One of the ghosts got Avalanche, turning my attention to them as I instinctively struck Avalanche with a lightning bolt at the right time in a desperate attempt to get the ghost out, managing to get the ghost out but nearly killing her in the process. Guilt and fear began to leak into my mind as I saw some ghosts attempt to possess Mazer, prompting me to keep my distance.

The lich then returned with more zombies, which made us decide to retreat, everyone being able to be saved. Fortunately we didn’t have to go that far to stop them from chasing us as they were primarily focused on taking all of the gold. We took a briefer as we then discussed what to say to Hugo as I then took responsibility as the messenger and took flight. To our surprise, a Beholder suddenly came out of nowhere heading towards us. I turned invisible as everyone else immediately hid, the Beholder thankfully not noticing or caring for us.

We were able to scourge the ship for some magic items and acquire the magic sails. Hugo was not happy with what happened, but at least we were lucky to have escaped.



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