Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Astra's Diary - Scouting the Ruins

Dear Diary,
The past few days have been devoted to finding and scouting out the ruins of Moundgnommery, searching for anything of note. With me were Dasut, Gweezer, and the new recruit Torment, a Tiefling paladin of some sorts. I debated on bringing Avalanche, however I thought we’d be better off with as few people as possible.

The first few days were nothing unique. We strolled past Aberglain, several other areas, and a river largely frozen over. I took to the sky with Gweezer on my back after some…. technical difficulties while Dasut and Torment followed. Eventually as we were travelling westward to Mundgnomerry, we were on the top of the hill as we heard something in the distance. I cloaked me and Gweezer with Invisibility while the others hid behind trees as two gnomes, a male riding some sort of magical construct, and a female leading to the edge of the cliff appeared. Me and Dasut got closer as the female told the male gnome to get out of the contraption as she then proceeded to cast Phantasmal Killer, killing him, and then proceeding to behead hem with a serrated knife. After putting the head in a bag, the female shouted something and than disappeared as a another gnome that appeared identical to the gnome just killed popped out of a cave in the cliff and hopped into the construct. As the new gnome began to use the construct, the female gnome appeared again and attempted to attack Torment. Torment struck back as I summoned a Storm Sphere, missing our attacker as Dasut and Gweezer got into action.

After a long fight, we eventually defeated the spellcaster, who turned out to be a Green Hag, along with a couple shadow gnomes who were hiding in the cave. Gweezer was immediately interested in the construct, and after quickly learning how to use it, called it his own and dubbed it “Shrek the Mech”. After recuperating, we returned to our mission, soon enough finding the ruins of Moundgnommery. We took the side entrance and found a sinkhole, which we decided to climb down. Finding a large chamber inside, we began to explore before Dasut immediately spotted a Beholder, all of us quickly ascending out of the hole as the Beholder chased us. We explored the upper regions as the Beholder slowly continued its pursuit, and after finding nothing of note we went down back into the sinkhole.

Instead of exploring the chamber, we found a passageway the Beholder was “guarding” covered in rubble. We crawled under the rubble and found a stairway that led to a massive underground maze of rooms, gnomish writings and murals spotting the rooms along with several writings in draconic that either said “Gnomes suck” or “Sssang” sucks eggs”. As we were passing over a bridge, a horde of cloakers appeared from the darkness and began to attack us. Gweezer was able to cast Command and force them to descend back into the darkness as we made it past the bridge and into more rooms. The next dozen rooms were inhabited by Kobolds, who had several annoying makeshift traps, which failed to stop us as we causally slaughtered them. After the kobolds were on the retreat, we continued downwards but were stopped by an inanimate statue guarding another stairways downwards that was too tough to defeat.

Deciding to escape, I cast invisibility on everyone except for Dasut as we narrowly made it past the Cloakers. We than got to the passageway and saw that the Beholder was waiting there, although it hadn’t noticed us. Dasut passed by with swiftness as of a rogue as I unfortunately got us caught, the Beholder unleashing an antimagic cone that exposed us. Unexpectedly, the Beholder than took interest in me, and gave me a chance to explain ourselves. Not wanting to be caught lying to it, I told the truth, the Beholder getting very interested as I mentioned Watcher Hugo and began demanding more information on him who I told was coming to Moundgnommery. To both me and the Beholder’s surprise, Dasut came in with a sneak attack, stunning the beast for long enough for us to escape.

Overall, we have discovered that Moundgnomerry is just pretty much ruins, no gnomes in sight. There is more to be discovered, however nothing seems to indicate anything positive. Telling one of its inhabitants that there is someone else, someone it apparently knows, is coming is also not good, although that’s the only thing it knows other than that we were his scouts.



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