Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Astra's Notes - The Obdisian Mirror of "Big-T"

These notes have been written with both the owner’s manual and both personal and external witnesses I have gathered over several months

The Obsidian Mirror of “Big-T” is an abnormal artifact that emits high levels of negative and chaotic energies. While showing no significant signs of sentience, the mirror eerily acts like such, “haunting” individuals that it attunes to and teleporting to wherever they may be, reportedly making sounds that suggest it can speak.
Additionally, multiple variants of the mirror exist, up to four have been discovered as of the time I write this, with all of them being identical to each other.

The first Obsidian Mirror was uncovered in the Earth Temple wrapped in a heavy cloth. It began to reveal images to a group of adventurers who owned it until it started to haunt them, first the monk Dasut followed by Princess Jagr. This would lead even into Jagr’s eventual ascension into royalty and the mirror would continue to bring a slight nuisance to them, although it did help her, the prince, myself and a warrior escape from the Abyss. Since then, more mirrors have been found and haunted individuals such as Priestess Gwelyn.

- Mirror Dimension: The mirror hosts a pocket dimension of seemingly infinite mirrors, theoretically spanning across all of space and time. It is unknown if each mirror represents an Obsidian Mirror or each mirror represents all mirrors in the universe, and if it were to be the latter, it would explain how it can teleport, as evidently it only shows up through reflective surfaces. In the mirror dimension, some mirrors are solid and static while others act more like a liquid, producing ripples. An unknown amount of them act like portals, where it is likely where the mirror duplicates travel through.
Mirror duplicates are identical to the material version of a person except that the duplicate is hostile towards its “original” counterpart. Mirror duplicates also “bleed” crystals, and when they die they disappear in a cloud of shards.
- Shadow Dimension: The mirror is somehow connected to the shadow dimension and can transport shadow versions of material people into the material plane. This was notably done in mass by three hags who had been replacing the entire population of Newbridge with shadow people, which was partially stopped by yours truly.
Shadow duplicates act basically the same as mirror duplicates
- Scrying: The mirror is capable of scrying into different places, different times, and potentially alternate realities as of several different variants of Crystal balls. The act of doing so comes with the risk of going partially insane (although this applies with all of its effects)
- Possession: According to the Owner’s Manual, it can summon a ghost to possess someone who looks into the mirror. This may or may not have happened before.
- Image alteration: Several of the mirror’s effects include altering its reflection of the environment, including transforming the viewers reflection into a demon or undead. One effect erases all others from the reflection except the onlooker, and another replaces the viewer with a child.
- Truesight: The Mirror is capable of giving the viewer true sight, one of the more beneficial effects

What to do when you come across an Obsidian Mirror
Above all else, always proceed with caution.
- Do not touch the mirror unless you cover the silk substance, and do not impulsive look into it. It is possible to increase your chances of receiving a beneficial effect from the mirror if you perform a ritual.
- Do not to attempt to read its “mind”, less you inevitably go insane.

- Astra Nebula



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