Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Dominance of Druids Intro

Llewellyn knew where to start looking for this Caswallon, for it was Llewellyn himself who pulled the Isle of Rhûn and Kindler’s Isle into their own demi-plane. He (correctly) assumed that the means to navigate to the demi-plane would be kept as a Druidic secret. This place would be a last refuge for any Druid leadership. From what his (new?) friends told him, the world is much less natural than it once was. There is no longer a balance between man and nature, and it seems that the scales are leaning towards the industry of man. It seems as if the Gyri have forgotten their roots and place in the world. The fey, nature, druidic magic and the Gyric people are interconnected in ways that are hard to explain to outsiders.

Navigating to the Isle of Rhûn was more muscle memory than conscious thought, for his memories have become a tangle of mostly forgotten threads, possibly made worse by his air elemental form. The flight up the secret stair to the local aspect of the Summer Tree was just as he remembered it, all those thousands of years ago. Praying at the base of the tree must be this Caswallon or one of his trusted followers, so Llewellyn returns to human form and addresses him (in Druidic). “I seek the man known as Caswallon.”

The man rises purposefully, wary of the intruder. “I am Caswallon the Green, the second Druid-King of newly reformed Pellham. Who seeks me out on this sacred isle?”

“I am he who raised the first Standing Stones. I united the Flan tribes of the Sheldomar Valley to fight the giant incursions. With the discovery and guidance of Beory, Ehlonna, Nerull, Obad-Hai and Pelor, I founded The Faith. I established relations with the Fey nobility and we created The Ways of the World. In the end, I was sacrificed to become the first Green Man.”

Caswallon is incredulous. “That cannot be so, as the soul of Llewellyn was consumed by the rite over four thousand turns of the great wheel ago.”

Llewellyn, “From my understanding, it was four thousand three hundred seventy five. – It was a cold Sunsebb night, just before the first of Needfest. My ascension was to bring in a new era of peace and harmony for our people. My dearest and most loyal friend Grellyn was there to ease my passage and complete the ritual. I have passed through the veil and returned as you see me. – I understand the need of the people is especially great just now, which is why I have returned. – I shall offer my guidance and wisdom to those who will have me.”

Caswallon, “I do not believe you are who you claim to be! I believe this is a trick or conspiracy by my enemies. Begone or I shall destroy you.”

Llewellyn, “You have not done well for yourself or The Faith. The People tear at the land. The great forest is divided. The People war against each other and I hear you have embarked in a genocidal crusade in MY name!”

Caswallon, “I KNOW the tenets! – Purity of Body. Purity of Tradition. Purity of Vision.”

Llewellyn, “The Ffordd Purdeb is much more than a few tenets!!! Those first three were those of my youth, but you must learn the lessons of wisdom from my later years. Patience of Hand. Patience of Heart. Patience of Thought. – These are the marks of a wise and just ruler.”

Caswallon, “I see my earlier concerns were warranted. As an imposter, you look the part, but you should have picked someone who wasn’t consumed by the ritual. There is no way your soul could be returned to life, and if you don’t depart, I shall summon the true soul of Llewellyn to cast you off this island!”

Llewellyn, “My soul was sundered and only half was sacrificed to the Green Man. My better half was safely secreted away by the Oerth Mother and faithfully reborn each generation to protect me from Nerull.”

Caswallon, “This is twice you have mentioned this Nerull as if I should know it. Of whom do you speak?”

Llewellyn, “The god of the dead. The Reaper? Foe of All Life? – Father Winter?”

Caswallon, “You see, you know nothing of the Old Faith. – The Raven Queen governs winter and acts as a guardian for the dead, escorting them to the realm of their deity. More proof that you are an imposter.”

Llewellyn, “Very well, I see that reasoning with you is getting nowhere, though my soul was sundered and only half became the first Green Man. On this cold winter night, I challenge you, Caswallon the Green, for leadership of The Faith and title of Archdruid! – Choose your terms carefully.”

Caswallon, now angered. “ Very well, though I have seen enough of death of late. We fight only until the other concedes. The winner shall be the head of the Old Faith order and the loser shall be his servant. I warn you, imposter, that although I have fewer works, I am as powerful as the legendary Llewellyn ever was. – On your guard!”



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