Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Fullfilling Hugo's vague Prophecy

Hoards of monsters in keep

Our recently freed and “reborn” leader of the KOW Hugo looking to atone for his past evils enlisted our help. A prophecy he received brought us a keep in the mountains south of Aberglain and west of Godokin. A falling star marked the site as that from his vague prophesty and the first party went up with Hugo. They came back looking half-dead having retreated after dealing much damage to the monstrous occupants. They returned with magic and large amounts of treasure as well as the meteorite. They talked of powerful three-headed creatures and monstrous humanoids and that the bulk of the treasure was still there as they could only take a small portion. So our second group was sent to gather the rest. A chimera with wereboar rider chased us. However, we landed on the roof with the tree on level 6. And went immediately inside and closed the door behind it. We took out two wereboars on level 6. Aurora arcane locked one door with several wereboars and some bugbears. She also placed a web at top of stairs going up to level 5. Bothan stayed on these stairs with Aurora and one other support troop and killed one wereboar that made it to the edge of the web. 3 medium creatures and a ;arge biped got stuck in the web. They broke free but retreated instead of trying to get downstairs. We joined our companions downstair in Level 7. They were fighting 2 gnolls, 3 werebears and some bugbears were dispatched. Aoth and sneaky Pete were being affected by a creepy clown doll that repeated to them “mommy”. This room had four exits one to the north, one to the south, one upstairs and one downstairs. To the south a spiked growth and moonbeam had been placed up preventing the enemy from attacking in force. Something was affecting members of our group and they heard whispers from a creepy clown doll.Once we had cleared the level. I cast shatter on the doll and it was destroyed. While the whispering stopped 4 armed skeletons animated and attacked. Also another affect that turned out to be possession by ghosts began to plague us. This is the point that things turned deadly. The enemy from above which include two powerful spellcasters had regrouped and came down. Wereboars from the level below attempted to come up but were stopped. We cleared out some of the skeletons to a bottleneck which they could I blocked. There were unable to hit or pass me. The wereboars from above poured down from above and we failed to hold a bottleneck at the bottom of the stairs. That was in large part due to the fireball that was cast on us from above. Throughout this three of us became possessed. Sneaky Pete was killed. One of the possessed went unconscious. Aurora exorcised two of the ghosts. When I was freed of possession I returned to block the skeletons and Aoth placed a moonbeam at the bottleneck which created an impassible killing field. Eventually the waves of enemy stopped with 2 of the enemy spellcasters fleeing as well and the chimera not being encountered a second time.We went downstairs to get away from the ghosts that appeared to be congregated on level 7. We found the treasure room and could fit and carry about half the treasure in the portable hole. There was talk of making two trips to gather all of the treasure. I pointed out that the ship we came in would sink with that much weight. So we separated the less valuable treasure to stay, destroyed some evil manuscripts and artifacts, and took what the ship could manage. While we did not eliminate the enemy altogether the bulk of there forces are gone, the two spellcasters, the chimera and some foraging parties not at the keep are about all that remain.



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