Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Journey through the land of Fey - Astra's Diary

Dear Diary,
For several days we had been preparing to travel to the land of the fey to gather secret information about various tears (Tear of Correylwn, Tear of the Land, etc.) which we could give to the Oytwood Elves to establish peace, the whereabouts of Queen Aisling’s heart, and why the soul of the Storm King was so important to a certain fey queen. All, or at least I think all questions were answered, but it was quite a ride to get there.

Around lunch time we had set off to find a fey circle, deciding to head over to Garrien’s field where there is a ring of stone.. Looking up and low for clues, we eventually found a circle of mushrooms that Mazer’s pixie friend Rivergem confirmed was a fairy ring, and the material we needed to pass through it was bloodied teeth. Fortunately, we were able to get the teeth from some small game that Yahnny caught and killed, and we had come back at midnight, as that was when the ring would open. Once we got there we encountered eerie tooth fairies who were singing and dancing like the little creepsters they are. For a brief second however I, and many others, found this song enchanting and started to dance, Raylinn enjoying it so much he took his clothes off. All of us managed to get a hold of our senses before anything really bad happened except for Gweezer, who wasn’t phased and was beginning to take on a appearance similar to the fey themselves until surprisingly, Mazer was able to intimidate the tooth fey to free him.

After all of that, we finally got into the land of the Fey, arriving on a crossroad. Our first destination was the blood forest where the mysterious Baba Yaga lurked. We managed to find her cottage after viewing some oddly fashioned scarecrows lurking in the forest, and than after convincing the talking skulls surrounding her cottage to let us in, and rehearsing a secret password, we entered the house where we encountered the witch. Mazer introduced us and played a lovely little tune, which was so beautiful to the Baba Yaga that she invited him in to play for her daughter. Mazer happily reciprocated and must’ve really enjoyed entertaining her daughter, because we had to wait for him to come out for an hour and a half.

When Mazer came back to us, he fortunately got some answers, well pseudo-answers, but at least we got something. From what the Baba Yaga told him we first had to catch a golden fish and wished for the location of the heart of Queen Aisling.. Seeming easy enough, we went to the nearest water-source and with luck I had spotted the fish. After chasing it I grabbed it with my magical hand while Bothan, who somehow caught up to me, grabbed it with his hand. Bothan’s eyes then went wide with horror as he shouted for help as he saw a kraken underneath it, but remembering the mission, he asked our wish. Unfortunately, the kraken (not really a kraken actually) had to be defeated before we could get it, so we managed to do just that, with Bothan and Yahnny being the only ones to take serious injury. After healing the beast, the kraken told us where to go next, a windmill, and give the girl that lives there a golden apple which he then proceeded to throw up. The kraken then implied it could grant other wishes but Bothan thought something was fishy about that premise and insisted we leave.

After going back to the crossroads and managing to find this windmill, we went up to it and encountered the young girl. Yahnny offered her the apple, to which she delightfully took a bite of before falling to the ground dead. Mazer attempted to investigate with his magical goggles but got stunned, and thinking it was just the goggles that did it I attempted to investigate with my wand, only to also get stunned. Yahnny then attempted to dig the little girl’s heart out with his dagger, with the belief among the party believing that this girl’s heart must have a connection to this, but as soon as Yahnny did this, the child transformed into a heart and absorbed Yahnny into a blinding flash of light. When the dust settled, Yahnny, now the new Queen Aisling, appeared. Yahnny was perplexed by his new body for a few minutes but was slowly becoming more and more like Queen Aisling. After Dasut gave a heartwarming send off to his former apprentice and took his magical items, the new Queen Aisling teleported us to our next destination while giving us back Prince Rhys.

Now at our next destination, a collection of falls in the Oytwood, Raylinn found a mysterious sea women who gave him a gem that is apparently the soul of the Storm King, which Raylinn and us must protect from an entity known as the Hollow Prince, who a certain Fey Queen of the Winter sent, as she wants the soul of the Storm King in order to fuse with the Storm King’s undying body, probably for something like world domination. Raylinn was about to ask more questions before Mazer accidentally scared the women off. After this, Raylinn somehow lost his connection to his familiar that allowed him to see and hear, and had a hard time communicating to us after that. Finally, and with our answers solved (except for one that involves the moon’s reflection, but Mazer implied he could take care of that), Mazer teleported us back to Hochcoch.

All in all, it was a thrilling time. Apparently what we did didn’t really matter since our new Commandment wants to pacify the elves and doesn’t give an ounce of care about peace. But we did accumulate some knowledge, which is always, always useful. Hopefully the Prince gets better too, he was not doing so hot after he was freed.



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