Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Passions of the Flesh

Fireseek 621. Mazer, Kars’ten, Morrick, Lakra, Dandelion, Raylendar, Raylinn, Aurora and I traveled from Godakin Keep in Keoland to Aberglain. Raylinn has been hired by Lady Pristantia, so now she travels with him. When we reached Aberglain we were accosted by Colette (or Shea). She let Mazer know that Talia is in the domain of Countess Eredom.

We left Kars’ten and Precieux at the Two Lute for Love as they were deemed too young for Countess Eredom’s Realm. We left Lady Pristantia with Lady Margaret. Dandelion reminded everyone that rooms and companionship is very expensive and not always money. We then used the purple feather and recited the incantation and appeared in Countess Eredom’s portal in front of the palace.

Aurora sensed danger and saw flying shimmers in the air. Then we were accosted by a swarm of pixies. Dandelion sent them away and we continued. Mazer could sense the direction to Tallia so we followed him to a cabin by the hot springs. We saw 4 of Emyr’s guards outside the cabin, but Dandelion talked our way into the cabin.

We felt some strong emotion once inside the cabin. Mazer found Tallia with a passion devil, whom she would not leave, but she did not recognize Mazer. We got things calmed down and got the passion devil, Jayden Thull, to tell us what was going on. Baba Yaga’s “daughter” Elena is in Tallia’s body. Elena and Jayden love each other and want to be together. Jayden thinks he knows how to restore Elena and Tallia back to their own bodies, but he needs Tallia in Elena’s body. Jayden has been employed by Fierna, daughter of Belial of the Fourth layer of Hell to steal Baba Yaga’s hut. If we steal the hut for him, he will restore Tallia to her body.

Elena volunteers that her sister Tasha (girlfriend of Grazz’t) has a key to get into the back door of Baba Yaga’s hut. Jayden also gives us directions for getting in the front door.

We decided to get the key from Tasha, so we headed to the palace. Tasha and Mordenkainen were playing wizard’s chess, so we watched the game and waited. We tried to annoy Mordenkainen so he would lose and Tasha would be in a good mood. During the game we learned that Mordenkainen has an Obsidian Citadel on Mount Iggwilv’s Horn in the Yatil Mountains (Na)Tasha accuses him of spying on her, but he claims it is to keep an eye on the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun across the Cote Vale. He openly wondered if her spies have been more active, because he suspects the she has returned to the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. She redirected by asking if he’s rebuilt his Circle of Eight after certain unpleasantness, which seemed to bring him some visible pain. He assured her that the Circle had been reformed and despite the loss of Otiluke and Tenser, they are more than a match for her. We then talked Tasha into a dalliance. She agreed and Dandelion was able to get the key from her.

We used the key to trace the door frame to the hut. We saw a gargantuan dragon guarding his treasure and passed two undead guards. We went down some stairs and through a guest room. Maelan merch Caswallon was sleeping on the bed. We stopped to bath at the bathing pool before continuing on to Grandmother’s Chambers. We defeated three crones and a clay golem holding Tallia. We retraced our steps to the dragon. Mazer convinced the dragon to let us leave and we returned to Countess Eredom’s palace. Dandelion slipped the key back to Tasha and she gave him a wink. He suspects that she knew we borrowed the key and was fine with that.

We returned to the cabin and Jayden managed to return the women each to their own bodies. I think they are just going to remain in Countess Eredom’s domain to hide from everyone. Neither wants to go back to their former lives.

Dandelion became concerned that Emyr and Nichelle still had not exited their room to speak with us. We all went up to see why. They were still in bed. Their guards had not been able to get them to eat. They had been somewhat like this since their honeymoon, but it had gotten worse since the passion devil. A Dispel Magic broke the spell and they were able to return to Aberglain with us.



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