Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Planting a Seed

Readying 621. Dandelion, Morrick, Lakra, Aurora, Raylendar and I went to Caer Gwyn (Castle White) with Emyr and Nichelle. The castle is so named because it is made of white limestone. One of the guards ran down from the tower at our approach to tell the inhabitants of the castle that Emyr was home. Gratin Celina, priestess of Wee Jas, came from her chapel to great the Lord of Aberglain. When asked, Emyr told us that his mother Lady Margaret was a follower of Wee Jas. Emyr’s sisters also ran to the great hall to greet him. The older two, Charise about 14 and elegant and Dreia, about 12 and more martial, tried to appear mature. The younger two, Tiria and Awen, were still very much children. They took Precieux off to play and left the grown ups to talk.

It was evident that Lady Margaret was not thrilled to see Nichelle and barely tolerated her daughter-in-law. She soon sent me to the music room to entertain Nichell, Charise and Dreia with Raylendar, obviously so Lady Margaret could speak to Emyr and Dandelion without us. I took the opportunity to speak with Nichelle. She admitted she did not care for Emyr at first, but quickly fell in love with him. The marriage was arranged by Lady Margaret and Marchioness Chantel (Nichelle’s mother). I observed that Nichelle seems magically compelled to love Emyr.

Dandelion later shared that Lady Margaret mentioned that the Regent is calling a vote in Niole Dra soon. He could not sense a preference for any particular candidate. Marissa Linth (the young cousin of Hannah Linth) is to marry the much older Lord Luschen Rhola (Duke of Gradsul and the head of the Rhola clan) in Flocktime. I wonder why they are marrying each other.

Lady Margaret also mentioned that Marchioness Chantel arranged the marriage between Emyr and Nichelle, although she can not now remember why she agreed to the match. Lady Margaret told Dandelion that Chantel had captured his father Mordelin and two of his children. She also mentioned that she had captured Holphin Neheli and was going to turn him over to the regent when Chantel sweeped in and convinced Lady Margaret to turn Holphin over to Chantel. Lady Margaret can not remember why she agreed.

While finding Precieux, Dandelion found a strange mirror in the family quarters where the girls were playing. Maybe the family is being spied on through the mirror.

Lady Margaret also let Dandelion speak to a prisoner in the dungeon. The prisoner is a young Suloise woman, Porcenia Wedlynn, who was caught sneaking around in the castle. She admitted to being an information gatherer for Chantel. She told us Chantel is very dangerous and has many spies, usually women. Porcenia wanted to get away from Chantel, so Dandelion sent her to Shea.

We went to Ravonnar to free Dandelion’s family. We entered the remote prison in Ravonnar and took the underground tunnels north to the keep. Morrick tried Locate Person to no avail, but we felt Mordelin should be close. Then we noticed that the Light Morrick put on his shield was suddenly suppressed. We searched down a side tunnel and found a necromatically preserved eye of a beholder on a spike doing an antimagic effect. We turned the eye to move the antimagic field. Then Morrick stone shaped through the wall and found Dandelion’s sister Rachelle, his father Mordelin and his brother Daniel. A guard saw us as we were freeing the family and ran for help before we could stop her. We quickly left and took the tunnel through the graveyard. We found two “plant girls” and three assassin vines outside the crypt. We managed to defeat them and got everyone to the country side. Mordelin provided us with a sketch of Castle Brodelin and the sewers under Ravonnar. Rachelle provided us with information about the plants of the area. Daniel provided us information about the history of Keoland.

We learned that Chantel has invited the Church of Lydia to open a school for women at Castle Brodelin. We also learned that Chantel can do divinations. She got many of her people out of Ravonnar just before the Light of Lydia fell on Ravonnar about 30 years ago. Chantel is open to many races if you are female. We also learned that Chantel needs unnatural supplies, which may be spell components. There is strange magic at the castle. Many different colors of dragons can be seen at the castle. And there are monsters in the sewers, such as beholders. Knights have come into the castle to investigate and have never returned.



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