Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Retaking Arborlon and Hugo

Ban Cantdyn Cairbre ap Somgael approached several heroes with a special mission: taking out the Grandiose Imperial Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff and as much of the leadership as you can. Cairbre can teleport up to 300 people into the Inner Keep at Arborlon; however, his mission would be better served with a smaller group using stealth and surprise. He’ll need at least one stealthy scout (rogue) and some heavies for protection, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some more spell casters. Divination magic is blocked, so we can’t be sure what we’ll face; however, recent defectors (Mazer and Bothan) indicated that there is less than a company of knights left in Arborlon. There are defenses in Arborlon, so we should be prepared with water breathing and other spells that he’ll have prepared. We go in at night, so you’ll need dark/night vision, sneak into the palace, neutralizing the guards as quickly and quietly as possible before moving on to the leadership. There is a good chance that the leadership will quickly become aware of our presence, but by going in at night, most won’t be in their heavy platemail armor. If we encounter overwhelming opposition, pull back to Cairbre and we’ll teleport out.

Aurora, Sneaky Pete, Zilziver, Corran, Evendur, Cedric, Mazer, Kars’ten, Dasuk, Ralendar, Gweezer, Bothan, Astra and I agreed to go with Mage Cairbre. We decided to go in invisible with water breathing and try to sneak into the palace at Arborlon. We would make our way to the palace, Dasut and Sneaky Pete would climb the side of the building and throw down ropes and we would climb to the 4th or 5th floor, where Hugo and the other leadership was likely to be. Unfortunately Evendur and Cedric, although invisible, were not silent and attracted the attention of one of the two knights guarding the entrance to the palace. Sneaky Pete decided to take out the other guard before he could raise the alarm. His attack wounded, but did not kill the knight guarding the door. Bothan attacked with his thunder weapon. With the alarm thus raised, we entered the palace. Beyond the entrance hall, we heard sounds of barricading and armor going on.

We climbed the stairs to the entrance hall and unleashed fireballs into the knights there preparing to attack. Two KoW mages came out of adjourning rooms to blast us with fireballs, injuring many of us in return. A bloody battle ensued.

Sneaky Pete climbed the outside of the palace to try to find the KoW leadership. He soon returned with a couple of helmed horrors. Meanwhile, Hugo came down the stairs to face us. Bothan and Evendur faced off against Hugo. Mazer used Telekinesis to steal Hugo’s sword, which tried to talk to him. Cairbre cast banishment on the sword, causing it to revert to a magical longsword once the devil had been banished. Cairbre then cast a high level dispel on Hugo’s armor. Hugo collapsed, his armor falling apart to reveal a skeleton. Bothan, Evendur, Aurora and Dasut took bones from the skeleton. It then closed back up and resumed the attack. Mazer lifted the armor to the ceiling with a Telekinesis as Cairbre attempted to Banish the fiend in the armor. His fifth attempt was successful

Aurora pulled out a Tear of Beory and applied it to the leg bone she had taken. A confused Hugo called for all to stand down and cease fighting. He then destroyed his armor and sword with the help of smiths and mages.

After the battle, he told us he had a quest from St Cuthbert to follow. Any who help with the quest would be restored to honor. We agreed to help.



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