Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)


Ready’reat 620. Osaris, Aoth, Evendure, Cedrice, Zilziver, Cardic, Raylinn and I headed back toward the mountain fortress looking for the bodies wrapped in silk. We rested in a cave on the way up. Evendur’s creepy mirror followed me. Those on watch saw strange things in the mirror. Zilziver tried to cover the mirror, but it uncovered itself. I wish Evendur would/could get rid of it.

When we exited the cave, we saw many gnolls around the cave and a woman in chains. She yelled that it was a trap. We managed to rescue her and discovered that she was Lady Pristantia Rhola, runaway daughter of Lord Regalious Edmond Rhola. We continued on and found the webbed bodies wrapped in silk. The first was Lady Wedina Rhola, cousin of Lady Prisantia and daughter of Lord Heralius. Further bodies were four of Elder Shalfey’s monks. I was attacked by the web and lost some of my memories.

We found a chimera and its rider. Raylinn protected the Lady Pristantia and is now her protector.

I have been having strange dreams each night. I wake with a strong feeling of anger and loss, but I can not remember the dream. Then I noticed a dozen or so small painless bumps over my body. This morning several tiny white webbed oozes scurried away from me. The bumps have ruptured into painless sores that have now healed and the dreams are gone, but I feels small holes in my memory.

The webs also gave me some memories. The members of the Tower of the Heavens serve to a pay a debt. The monks and nuns are for defense. Sion and Piyarz are not honorable and want power. Hadley the Ferryman was a monk, but is now out of practice. Xilzandrix is a beholder that Piyarz consorts with. Derwyth the half-elven druid is missing.



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