Alvestar Glorandaal

Arglwyth Alvestar Glorandaal of Bloodyn Cain


Brehyr Alvestar Glorandaal of Tenwalls-on-the-Bluff (F158-209) , Ban Cantdyn 12th Saethwri Ban Cant.
Owner of Glorandaal Bank & Exchange in Aberglain.



Arglwyth Alvestar Glorandaal (Steve W) is a Gray Elf of Bloodyn Cain. Originally from the Dim Forest Alvestar is 5’-10" 145 lbs. and in adulthood in his 160’s. Renown with both the blade and magic he prefers the up-close and personal thrill of melee sword play. He has a longsword at his side and two silvered Elven masterwork rapiers crossed on his back. A handsome, kind, & serious Elf with long silver hair, alabaster skin w/ a tinge of blue, and blue eyes with gold. Alvestar is an old faith follower of Ehlonna (wearing a pin of a rearing unicorn – the symbol for Ehlonna) and is known as a respected businessman in Gyruff.

Alvestar Glorandaal

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