Angus ap Chattelguard

Cadofyth of Eryrnyth Bragad


Angus ap Chattelguard Cadofyth (Col)

New Minister of Defense
Half Orc


Cadofyth Angus ap Chattelguard was chosen as head of the Eryrnyth Bragad because he was bigger and tougher than any three Cymorths under his command. He and his three Braichdyn Barbaraidds (Barbarian Captains) are legendary brutes. Neither smart, nor wise, nor pretty, they would be unlikely leaders, but they really know how to bust some heads. Don’t tangle with that lot unless you’ve got a deathwish. Most, including many under their command, give them a wide berth as they walk down the street.

Angus ap Chattelguard

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