Astra Nebula

Human Sorceress with Blue Draconic Ancestry


Astra is a unique sorceress of comfortable upbringing. She is enthralled with magic in general and has experimented with it since birth. She has also studied much of it practically through field research, watching magical battles from afar during her childhood. Being of draconic ancestry, Astra also has a fascination with dragons, which she studys about it in lack of finding any real ones to witness. It is one of her dreams to meet a dragon in a situation where her life is not immediately threatened.

Astra tends to wear blue sage clothing on top of a typical set of medieval khaki clothing , complete with boots for her travels. Her hair also generates small sparks of electricity that droop down to the floor as a minor prestidigitation.

Astra is allies with those she travels with however she had a unquie bond with G-Zo before passing, as she is the grandaughter of G-Zo’s old apprentice and companion, Star. Astra is also friends with Dentrack, usually reading together.


Astra Nebula

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