Benton Da'Heedh (Deceased)


Cleric of Beory. Died defending Prince Rhys and Princess Jagr from a follower of Vecna in Reaping 618.


the start of Ben’s Journal. Before he started down the road of adventure

Beory protects and cares for those who care for Oerth, At least that is what my uncles, Gawain and Celyn always tell me as we work the fields of the Johnson & Johnson farm. We must be doing something right, as Beory has blessed us with harvests large enough for us to not have to worry about when we will have our next meal as well as trade with our neighbors for some comforts. I have had a good life here with my uncles, learning of community and Beory, working the land and getting stronger.

All I know of my parents comes from stories told by my uncles. How Benson, my Father, was a farmer and respected healer in Heedh after the Giant Wars and had welcomed refugees from Keoland when their kingdom was faltering. Being on the frontier, raids from orcs and goblins were not unheard of and Father was at the center of the defense each time, Providing Beory’s protection to her children. The Keoish had been trying to “civilize” the people of Heedh and convert them to worship of Pholtus with some limited success and turned them away from the land and toward personal gain, but my father remained a strong voice for Beory

The story that Uncle Celyn shares most often is of my father’s last heroic moment. The town came under attack again by a marauding horde of monsters. Benson was once again at the fore of the defense and the battle was nearly won when Benson came to the defense of one of the elders but was struck down by the sword of the raid leader before he succumbed to the mortal would just dealt by my father. (One day I hope to be worthy of carrying on his name.)

Although the Keoish refugees were nearby and skilled healers, they allowed Benson and other Flan die as they tended to the minor wounds of the refugees and converted before they would even consider healing the true Gyri that were taking risk to protect the people of the steading. The Gyri that were healed, only received attention after a “donation” to the Pholtuns.

Following the attack, the Keoish became more hostile to the Gyri whose homes they had taken. Roshwen, my mother left to live with her brothers, wanting her child to be born in a town where Tradition was still held in esteem and the people respected the land they worked. Uncle Gawain says the strain of travelling with child so soon after losing her husband were too much for her. When she left the steading of Heedh, she was only able to bring Father’s cloak and amulet for remembrances. After my tenth winter, my uncles gave me the cloak and amulet. They are tokens of a life that I did not get to have.

With the encouragement of my uncles, I have started the path to Beory and have pledged myself to her service. I have given my vows and received Her blessings. Knowing what happens to families when aid is given selectively, I will make it my mission to provide Beory’s protection and healing to any requiring it.

Benton Da'Heedh (Deceased)

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