Ffiona Ebontress LG NPC (Deceased)

Llwyres Ffiona “the Ebontress” merch Melwyn (NPC) of Araul Anterth


The eldest surviving daughter of Melwyn Strongarm, Ffiona merch Melwyn has matured into a beautiful woman. She is still in her teens and is a quiet and shy person. Ffiona has nearly waist-length black hair which she wears unbound. She is slender and on the petite side. Ffiona prefers simple garments with minor embroidery decorating it.

Along with her mother, Ffiona has recently returned to Aberglain from Keoland, where she was staying with relatives. Her father and two elder brothers were killed in the invasion, leaving her the only child of a deceased ruler of an important cantrev. This fact has not been lost on many ambitious young men, who would like to gain a beautiful wife and power by wedding the heiress.

Llwyres Ffiona “the Ebontress” merch Melwyn (NPC) of Araul Anterth arrives wearing a long plain Gyri gown, a single long braid of grey and black hangs down to her waist. Her husband is Most Reputable Nightmare Darian Malthus, Knight of the Watch. She has one son, Tralvan.

Ffiona and Tralvan killed by Llwyres Rhian in Tycha in the summer of 617.


Ffiona Ebontress LG NPC (Deceased)

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