Karl Neumann LG NPC (Deceased)

Governor of Arweth


Karl Neumann was appointed to be the provisional governor by Commandant Magnus Vridinian when he annexed Arweth. He is a middle-aged man who is rapidly going bald. He is thin and has observant ice-blue eyes. He usually dresses in the military uniform as befits his position as a high-ranking officer in the Gran March.

Neumann is an extremely efficient administrator. His record is filled with numerous commendations for excellent service to the Gran March and its military. His quest for military precision, efficiency, and meeting of all goals set before him has clashed with the chaotic and undisciplined Gyri, over whom he governs.

Killed himself after turning Arweth over to Gareth ap Padrig after heroes destroyed the sword that was controlling him. (617)


Karl Neumann LG NPC (Deceased)

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