Gwydion of the Twained Elm LG NPC

Gyri Ambassador to Keoland


Gwydion is an Old Lore Bard and part of the College of Canaith. His is also Ambassador to Keoland from Gyruff. He is typically well-dressed and carries both a rapier and a harp. Gwydion is an extremely busy man these days, desperately attempting to gather more aid for the fight against the giants. Like many of his colleagues, he serves the nobility of Gyruff and the druids of the Old Faith as a diplomat, adviser and ambassador. Through the years, he has traveled extensively on Gryuff’s behalf.

He is an immensely handsome man of mixed ancestry. He appears to be in his mid-thirties and is starting to gray a little, making him look more distinguished. (In reality, he’s in his mid-seventies as a result of his half-elven heritage that he doesn’t usually share.) He is several inches shy of six feet, and he is slender and fit. His skin is bronze, and he pulls his rich brown hair back into a loose tail. His eyes are amber, which is unusual, but not unheard of among the Flannae. He keeps his beard neatly trimmed. His finely tailored clothes are mainly solid colors with elaborate knot work trim. His armor is glammered to appear as part of his clothing. His enchanted cloak is a masterwork in needlepoint, and he cherished it greatly.

He is the nephew of Melwyn Greatarm, the late Llwyr of Araul Anterth and a cousin of the beautiful Ffiona Ebontress. He joined the College of Canaith at an early age and has mastered its instruction, lore and secrets.


Gwydion of the Twained Elm LG NPC

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