Hazen Gellsblood LG NPC (Deceased)


Hazen Gellsblood is a grizzled Priest of Trithereon, feared as a veteran bounty hunter, rumored to have been a traitor during the fall of Geoff, and one of the founders of the Clear Sky Camp. Hazen is medium height and thin for a half-orc, grizzled, scarred, and often scowling. He is constantly wearing a beat-up set of hide armor and Flannae traveling clothes; however his weapons and holy symbol are bright and well maintained.

He is known for his relentlessness at tracking down evildoers, as well as his flagrant disrespect for any sort of national authority. He leads sporadic services to Trithereon in Hochoch and also at the Clear-sky Camp, but maintains no temple. He is known to have ties among the Rangers of Geoff, and was questioned when Arglwyth Darlon Lea disappeared. He has been rumored to both have ties with the humanoids on the other side of the border, and be responsible for the disappearance of a number of suspected smugglers and renegades rumored to be in league with the Giants. He has collected a good deal of gold raiding the Giants and collecting on bounties, but most of his wealth seems to have gone to support the Clear-sky camp.


Hazen Gellsblood LG NPC (Deceased)

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