Holphin Neheli LG NPC

Neheli Lord


Lord Holphin Neheli is trying to get all the Keoish nobles to attend the next (annual) Moot. (The Moot is like the parliament of Keoland.) Additionally, he wants everyone to support his uncle’s proposals, but isn’t privy to what is going to be proposed. He just knows it is important and needs to get as much support for Neheli to be represented there. That said, it seems that Lord Holphin is pulling out all the stops. He uses charm, bribery, favor trading, intimidation, veiled threats, extortion and any other means to coerce those votes. For example, Lord Holphin is a good gambler and will let his opponents rack up a large gambling debt and “exchange” their markers for support of the Neheli clan.

Lord Holphin was found in an iron flask in 619. He had been there for about 20 years. He disappeared in Aberglain.


Holphin Neheli LG NPC

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