Kinkaid LG PC


A “Treerunner” of the Dim Forest Kinkaid is well known for being a rather spunky and outspoken wood elf. She is the niece of Darlon Lea by marriage. She has a fire that is unmatched by any, openly speaking her mind without regard for opinion or care for propriety. She is a flirt who likes to play witty word games with men who interest her. Her dark hair hangs in semi-unruly ringlets around her pointed ears and face, with a flyaway strand always invading her brilliant green eyes.

A young (near adolescent) sylvan elf in the Dim, niece of Darlon Lea’s elven wife. She was spunky and unhesitatingly outspoken. Her timing was selected to get a rise out of her social targets, whether she was seeking to irritate or flirt. Her hair was dark and somewhat unruly ringlets, a strand constantly rolls across expressionful and brilliant green eyes. She lived in Endereyn but spent most of her time scouting the Dim and its edge. She was fearless due to the judgement or ability to find a way out of situations.


Kinkaid LG PC

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