Lily Gellsblood LG NPC (Deceased)


A half-orc and one of the famous Olwythi gan Gyruff, the Rangers of Geoff, Lilly Gellsblood was for a short time their leader or First Ward. In CY 584, Darlon Lea assigned her to carry out his Olwyth duties while he pursued rebuilding the army. The few surviving Olwythi reacted poorly to this, expressing their intent to cast her down if she was presented to them for approval as the new First Ward. The difficulties Lilly experienced convinced her to decline the role of First Ward, and Darlon Lea presented Cuthalion Strongbow instead. After this experience, Lilly left the Olwythi gan Gyruff. She later transformed into a hill giantess and was last seen with Gruka Duk.

Killed with Gruka Duk when he was nuked by the Fighting Tomatoes at the end of the Giant War.


Lily Gellsblood LG NPC (Deceased)

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