Lorindoriel LG NPC


High priestess of Ehlenestra the high elf lives in Fuinorna in the Dim Forest. Her manner is always cool and relaxed as if she is in no hurry at all, as unruffled as a frozen pond. Yet she is kind and gentle with the patience of Time itself. She actively supports Darlon Lea and regularly communes with her deity for a solution to rid her home of the Fades that prowl its branches.
To look at her one would immediately recognize her as a priestess and of obvious high elven descent. Her golden blonde hair tumbles to the small of her back over a light green dress that is worked and embroidered with silver unicorns throughout the fabric.

Half high elf, high priestess of Ehlenestra. Lorindoriel lived in Fuinoria, an elven town in the South-central Dim that was not overrun during the invasion. She had rich golden hair that tumbled to the small of her back. She typically dressed in a light green dress embroidered with silver unicorns. Lorindoriel is calm, kind, and patient. She actively supported Darlon Lea and regularly communed with Ehlenestra in pursuit of a solution to the fades that hunted the Dim.


Lorindoriel LG NPC

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