Lowen Oakroot LG NPC (Deceased)

Keeper of the Stones for Beory's Teeth

Lowen is an elderly druid of Beory who is the Keeper of the Stones for Beory’s Teeth outside of Hochoch. He dresses in plain robes of the druids that are often dirty, patched, and splattered with blood from the ritual bloodings. His eyes are sharp as a hawk, and he can still outrun many of the youngsters in Hochoch. He is known to be friends with several giant eagles.

Lowen has many duties as the Keeper of the Stones. He must bless the land, oversee the druidic rites, and maintain peace between the squabbling druids of the different Old Faith gods. When Lowen is not seeing his duties, he is meditating — a task so difficult that he needs to do it lying down and with his eyes closed. The gentle snoring helps him obtain the peace he needs to meditate properly.


Lowen Oakroot LG NPC (Deceased)

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