Ninian ap Ioseff LG NPC



A short man, with messy graying hair and a full beard, Ninian’s disheveled look exemplifies his carefree attitude. He has too much on his mind to worry about his appearance. Garbed in a simple (and very worn) traveling outfit, his most notable possession is a large leather bag worn over his shoulder in which he keeps dozens of “trinkets”, each with their own story. Though he looks to be in his fifties, his first-hand accounts of some historical events would make him older.

It seems that Ninian is truly a jack-of-all-trades, as he has intimate knowledge of most every walk of life. Raised in an isolated mountain lake “monastery”, he was schooled in the Gyric techniques of bardic memory from an early age. For many years now he and his trusted pony Iona, have traveled far and wide in his quest to learn more about everything. Ninian has just recently returned to Gyruff after having spent the last decade instructing at Greyhawk City’s Grey College.


Ninian ap Ioseff LG NPC

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