Precieux d'Or

Young Gold Dragonborn, Sorceress


A very young Dragonborn with gold tinted scales. Wears a floral skirt and is quite inquisitive and curious.
Also a rather accomplished sorcerer for her young age.


Precieux d’Or is the daughter of Avatierria d’Or and Dandelion. They met when Dandelion was traveling through the Tovag Baragu portals. Avatierria lives on and protects a large, idyllic island that just up out of the ocean somewhere (sometime?).
Well, Dandelion and her fell hard for one another and you know how things happen…
Precieux grew fast and because she was in another place/time she suddenly showed up in the Sheldomar valley as a 4-year old and already had the ability to wield arcane magic.
She is impulsive and curious, as well as a little too brave.
She and the white mouse Ivan have become good friends as both have questionable ideas of what they are capable of doing.
Precieux tends to talk a lot (sometimes even more than Dandelion) but she also is happy to tell anyone of her exploits and adventures. Including her mother who does not approve of Dandelion allowing her into dangerous situations.

Precieux d'Or

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