Victor Brightblade LG NPC (Deceased)


Victor Brightblade is the half-brother of the former regent, Llwyress Sierra Blackblade (they share the same mother), and coincidentally, also a half-dragon. His heritage is made evident by his reptilian eyes, and scales.
Victor is larger than life in both body and spirit, and is a charismatic (or imposing) leader on the battlefield. In CY 583, he was at Derelion requesting aid from the elven prince, when the city was attacked by the giants, and subsequently by the shadow dragon Hasforenses. In the
ensuing chaos, Victor disappeared.

Victor served as Llwyr of Cymeravon after his half-sister Sierra’s death until his own in 617 due to Black Scour Taint.


Victor Brightblade LG NPC (Deceased)

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