Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

GNG20-01 Final Fhar'anod

Aoth Mission Report

Baroness Knight Commander Waiting Raven Watcher Tallia Neholin-Raxxam leading the 68th Raven Medium Cavalry:

I am pleased to present you with a Mission Briefing from an exciting and eventful mission into Fhar’anod.

First, I am making you aware that I am sending message to our allies in Hochoch regarding the exact whereabouts of an Orb of Destruction (programmed to cause a Tidal wave that will flood Hochoch). It can be contained within a metal box. I have sent the details of such containment to Hochoch directly so as to avert a disaster.

Next, let me thank our troops and fellow mission experts who did a fantastic job I both accomplishing the goals of the mission and in saving me from an eternity in a magical mirror. I must reveal that the version of Aoth you have seen in the last 3 months (or so?) has not been the real Aoth. I was captured in an evil mirror and a mirror version of myself was released onto the world with my memories and a very distinct motivation to encourage the worship of the Evil God “Big T.” I was trapped in the mirror with Railyn, who we also were able to save. I have learned great intelligence as a result of my experience in the mirror.

Your suspicions about me were absolutely correct, but I had no way to communicate with you about the imposter. Prior to your interrogation of the mirror version of me, He had made contact and become an ally with the Water cult (a strong supporter of T, as all of the elemental cults are). They have taken my Squire Sneaky Pete and are charming him daily to get him to support their cause. We must go after the water cult and save Sneaky Pete. The last I knew, he was on a longboat, not the water temple. Attached is more information on “big T” and the Water cult, including the creatures in their cult and a map of the temple itself.

I think we can use the fact that the water cult thinks I am an ally to gain advantage on them in the future, and get Sneaky Pete back!! They do not know that the version they befriended is not me, but I am alike in every way (but alignment).

I have also learned that Zilziver has been affected by an “eye” of sorts in that what he sees may be visible to “Big T” himself. I think we need to remove curse or do something similar to prevent the revelation of our secrets. He has been a very valuable Knight in our efforts, always incredibly loyal, and he must be preserved (made pure).

OK – now that those important announcements have been made, here is the official Mission Report from GNG20-01:

Before this can happen, a squad from the 68th Raven Medium Cavalry will be sent to:
1. Scout out Fhar’anod in advance of the army to determine what resistance, if any, may exist above or below ground.
• Special Hazards: Reported above ground two months ago was a Red Dragon (and/or efreeti) & Balrog team slaughtering Lizardfolk & dinosaurs. Below ground was a White Illithid and more powerful than average Minotaur slaughtering Lizardfolk. Unknown if they are still in the area, whether they have a Light of Lydia, and/or one/both parties may have absorbed a Spark of Divinity. A Dragon Turtle named Bronze Flume was contacted by Baronet Knight Captain Wildly Incinerating Grey Wolf Dispatcher Mazer Raxxam via sending and replied very strangely…may be under the effects of a charm spell. Dispel Magic may or may not be able to break the charm. Bronze Flume can be reasoned with normally (he likes food and treasure bribes) and may inadvertently be at Fhar’anod to meet with Buddy Mazer…as my husband explained it.
• Inform KBW Magnus Therestell via sending (or other magical means) of expected resistance and that the 68th Raven is initiating Objective #2 w/ an estimated timeline.

2. Undermine the Ziggurat then flood the lower levels of Fhar’anod. Protect the digging crew as they do their job!
• Special Equipment: A recently acquired Gnomish Steam Works Drill (GSWD) and any special abilities of the group will plan the best way to undermine the ziggurat and divert the water of the Rushmoors to flood Fhar’anod.

3. Flush out anyone/anything in/under Fhar’anod including the ziggurat. Determine the threat level of anyone/anything exiting and take appropriate action as determined by the Squad Leader.

4. KBW Magnus Therestell and his army can crush the final opposition and will detail a company to hold it.

Command: Baronet Knight Captain Vicious Black Mink Aoth will be in command. Baronet Knight Captain Vigil Zilziver Za’Buume will be his second in command.

Mission Report Outline:
• What mission objective numbers listed above were successful?
o Objective 1 – SUCCESS. Disguised as a Quetzocoatlus in the skies above, the only possible resistance noted was what looked like a very small Triceratops atop the Zigurat. This turned out to be a kind druid who saved our lives, bringing us from the astral plane back to the material plane after an incredible attack by a Black Dragon (Blackotrixix?). There was also an overturned fishing ship in the waters just outside of the wall surrounding Fhar’anod. When this was examined, two of our party became enslaved by Aboleths which makes them charmed. They had a telepathic link to the aboleths and were to obey their commands. The affects of the aboleths were not immediately evident, but they were removed by spell casters after we completed the mission. Under the water was also found a metal box. Upon opening the box, a mirror was revealed. Although Evendur (after looking into the mirror) got to the surface and walked away, the mirror kept appearing 10-30 feet behind him and continued to do so for the rest of the session.

Inside the Zigurat, we saw many dead Lizard folk, then came upon two humans, Balder and Harry. Harry is mute and appears to be a spell caster. Balder is a druid and can shape change. They were not hostile toward us. After going through the Zigurat, in the tunnels beneath, we encountered the black dragon (Blackotrixis) (initially presented as a female human). She did an acid breath attack that did a lot of damage to most of us; however, upon hitting the mirror, we were sent to the Astral plane. Some were able to sleep prior to the attack, but some were not so lucky. Luckily, the Druid was able to planar shift us back to just outside the Zigurat.

It was after we appeared outside the Zigurat that three companies of the KOW arrived and the mirror version of me was forced into the mirror, which immediately allowed me to come out of it. I had been in there with Railyn, so I knew how to get her out. We later accosted the mirror version of her in her sleep WITH THE MIRROR and freed her. The mirror can not be destroyed. It can be contained in a box and buried, but no-one should look into the mirror or run the risk of being followed by the mirror, even if the mirror is sequestered.

After this activity, we proceeded with objective number 2 and undermined the Ziggurat and flooded the entire thing. After the water filled the underground city, Yuan-ti were streaming out and running away. Additionally, we noted previous Knight Commander Gardensnake, who we thought had sacrificed himself in a previous adventure to allow the rest of us to escape, ran away. We were unable to catch up to him to question him. So, we believe all others have been flushed from this area.
• Provide a brief explanation on how you completed each objective:
o Above
• What mission objective numbers listed above were not successful? Why?
o [NA]
• If not successful, what would have helped?
o [NA]
• What new intel can you provide? e.g. defenders type, quality and quantity, maps, new information, etc.
o [See above and attached]
• Any unit personnel exceed expectations and conduct themselves bravely and honorably? Who and explain their performance?
o [My good friend Dandelion came up with a great plan to free me from the mirror. I owe my life and the safety of our Kingdom to him.]
• Any unit personnel with discipline problems or negatively impacted the mission? Who and explain their issues?
o [Reply]
• Treasure: Almost all items obtained are your spoils for a successful mission, I have no problem with that. Items obtained of Rare, Very Rare, Wondrous, and/or Legendary status I would like officially disclosed. What item(s) and who the owner is?
o [We recovered a fishing keelboat worth 3000gp]
Note: This is for planning future missions only…where someone or something could help make an impact for a successful result.
• Other? Anything that could help a future 68th Raven Cavalry unit going in?
o [Reply]

Respectfully submitted,

Baronet Knight Captain Vicious Black Mink Aoth

OOC: please forward this on to other Knights or party members I may have missed.





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