Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Light of the Dim

Our group met in Hocholve. Benton, Dasut, Garbonzo (G-Bean), Aurora, Jagr, Dentrak, Gelwen, and most importantly…ahem, myself all met to assist the Dim Forest and all friendlies contained within by getting rid of some pesky undead shadow-sacks that thought it was okay to contaminate the entire forest like roaches. That’s what we do. We help people.

The first order of business was for me to get rid of this PRICELESS Crown of Wizards that I have been hanging onto since our trip to the Keep of Storm Mountain. Let me tell ya, want to know what makes one start looking over their shoulder? Try being the keeper of a super-magic priceless crown with the souls of four of Gyruff’s Super Mages! I have to admit that my attention started to deviate from gawking at beautiful women that wanted a piece of ole Mazer here for who the heck was going to club, stab, rip, slash, etc. me and take this thing. I also started holding it up in front of my head to see what I would look like in a mirror. By the way…I looked damn impressive without even messing up my hair! So eventually Mazer comes around and will normally do the right thing. See, Gyruff’s new Regent, Arglwyth Eridan was here in town so he agreed to meet with us and I presented the Wizard Crown to him. If anyone can figure how to get those four Super Mages out of there its him. Regent Eridan accepted the Crown…target now off of me…and more importantly he got to meet Baronet Mazer Raxxam. I could tell Regent Eridan was most impressed.

So onto the official business of helping people. Normally our adventures are filled with danger, suspense, puzzles, and the such to a very excessive degree. Well this one had some of that but all within normal levels which was a relief for a change. From Hocholve we started the hike up to Enderyn, an Elven city within the Dim. There were rumors of a possible energy source up here somewhere similar to what is going on around Tenwalls and Ravonnar. The undead don’t like that magical tickle-finger effect from that energy and stay clear, way clear. That sounded like a good thing to investigate. There was a rather wide trail within the forest, absent of trees on each side for a really good distance as to make travel safe from those shadow-sack roaches. It really worked well and a Elven patrol from Enderyn met up with us and questioned our business here in the Dim. After we told them what we were planning to do, they decided to play nice and escort us safely up the trail to Enderyn. Got there without incident…sweet!

Elves are good people but pretty much behave themselves so no one got into trouble here. We had a good time that night and I played some music for all. There were also these glowing Fey flying fish called Illusern that came out at night to help light things up around the city to keep the shadow-sacks at bay. Those were really cool to watch. They inspired me and I started roughing out a new song about them. We were warned that the path to Derelion was very dangerous and that we should not make the hike. Also, there have been magic emitting specks of “stuff” flowing down the Javan river for a while now thus leading us to believe there was something up river. Well, the next moring we bought some supplies including a big lead-lined chest, holy water, and some marbles with continual light cast on them. We also decided to forgo the dangerous path to Derelion and head up the Javan River. For that we need a boat. We needed to also upgrade the boat to a ship so we could fit all of our group and cargo too…so ended up with a Elven keel ship. The five of us that found the headless dead green scale-sack of a loser’s dragon hoard had some extra coin so we split an expensive price for that keel ship by 1/5 each. Everyone else mooched off of us. At least Gelwen bought a rowboat for emergency purposes that we pulled along. When one buys a big ship it should be named properly so we dedicated it to those famous friendly flying Fey fish and called her the Illustrious. Most appropriate. We never broke anything to christen her due to time constraints so we will have to have a grand ship party later.

Ok, I am starting to like this boating life. It really limits the amount of loser freaks that can wait behind a tree, rock, and hill to try and rob and/or kill you. This was very smooth sailing, pardon the pun. We had a few navigational errors and ran aground once but this was a new skillset to us all and we did our best. Too bad Moonbeam was not on this voyage but he would have been disappointed because no need for moonbeams to carve a new-one for peg-leg pirate sacks on this trip. We posted night watch shifts with our keen-eyed members. We did notice many sets of glowing eyes in the forest following our boat up river. One thing that happened during the night we observed a school of glowing flying Fey Illusern attacked those shadow-sack roaches that were mirroring us. They ripped the shadows to shreds like piranha. Once in a while an Illusern fell to shadow attacks. Then we saw the dead Illusern eventually arise as flying shadow-sack Illusern. The good glowing Fey Illusern had the strength in numbers though. I wonder if some of the Illusern would agree to fly around the Two Lutes for Love Tavern while D and I play our set? I can only imagine the possibilities with those Fey friends, but I heard the Fey can be tricky and cause problems too, not that know about any recent Fey problems…or anything…How are you? We did set out little bits of food and drink on the boat for any other Fey that remained hidden to us.

Up around Derelion there was a bunch of webs from giant spiders woven across the river. Me and G-Bean acted like firebolt shooting machines and cleared a path for us to travel by. Some of those bid-daddy spiders came out but Jagr talked them down somehow with her ranger-beast talk voodoo. Or perhaps the spiders were just memorized by her oversized very expensive blue-diamond of an engagement ring she waves around for all to see! But that’s another story for a later date. Well, needless to say we traveled a really, really long time and safely too. Actually went up into the Valley of the Mage! Investigated a blown-up burnt village and found some containers filled with strange material that…blows-up of course. I guess it’s a bit hazardous. Following the magic emitting specks of “stuff” in the water directed us through a couple turn choices…also the vegetation started to be very thick and we had that good feeling again like you do getting near Tenwalls. Sweet! There WAS another source up here too! Eventually we had to stop the Illustrious by a waterfall. We observed at night where an unnatural glowing was emanating from, got our bearings, and decided to head out by foot in the morning. So it was then Aurora let Mazer and the others who did not know in on a well-kept secret on how to survive the positive energy once we started getting closer to it. Let’s just say I had a hard time believing it at first but Aurora was a straight shooter most of the time so I complied with the plan. Mazer does like to have fun and party, act a bit silly…but I do keep my word and my mouth will remain closed on this topic.

On the hike to the source some mean-greenie vines attacked us and there were these trees that would drop fruit when vibrations were near that blew-up into some nauseous sickening gas. Nasty! After taking out the vines, we swung around those trees at the water’s edge. Some weird rock men-things formed in the distance and were grumbling, growling, like talking I guess but none of us had the means to understand what they were saying. Sorry hard-rock men, later. We then passed through an area of elemental pools which was really weird. Creatures would slowly form in the pool if you got to close and would eventually attack. So we waited for our water test pool subject to un-form then we just hatefully walked single file through the area with no incident. Then the moment had arrived! We came to a big lake that was glowing, and lakes don’t normally do that. The source of the energy was of course right in the middle of the darn lake. We thought it would be a good idea to use the rowboat & lead chest to get out to the center of the lake and assess the situation. Sounding great so far! Three of us started rowing out. The energy effects started to get greater and greater and soon realized that we couldn’t get any closer unless we put ourselves at great risk! We could see that the source was approximately 10-12’ under water on top of underwater mound. We then realized we were missing a key item which was some kind of water breathing spell. The energy effects would be much less under water too. Arragh! So close to completing our goal BUT we did navigate and locate a possible cure for the Dim Forest’s shadow-sack roach problem as well as a means to grow back a bunch of trees very quickly. Some of us will have to return and re-equip properly to complete this quest and obtain the positive energy source to help the Dim. After the frustration of being so close to success went away, we all realized that we did complete a giant leap forward to a problem that has been plaguing the Dim Forest for 30+ years. Almost there Elf friends! Another month or two and hopefully your troubles are over and Two Lutes for Love will book a tour coming soon to a tavern near you! Later – Mazer



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